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[Irish Independent] , Molloy, Thomas 4,800 jobs at risk' as pub sales plummet. (31 Dec 2012)

[Irish Times] , O'Brien, Tim Strategy to target road injuries as deaths down. (31 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , Kelly, Fiach Doubt over minimum price plan for alcohol. (29 Dec 2012)

[Irish Times] , Lally, Conor Gun feuds rise while cocaine use falls. (29 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner] , Ring, Evelyn Money and family worries top Samaritans’ survey. (29 Dec 2012)

[Irish Times] , De Breadun, Deaglan Concern voiced over drinking in Civil Service. (28 Dec 2012)

[Irish Times] , Minihan, Mary Croke Park accord must be reviewed in light of fiscal needs, says Coveney. (28 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] 'Ambulance for drinkers' plan put on hold. (24 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Warning: avoid unwanted gift of trip to A&E. (24 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , Ryan, Philip Sex assaults and drug offences also quashed by gardai. (23 Dec 2012)

[Sky news] , Lane, Liz UK 'booze buses' take strain on busy party night. (23 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner] , Shanahan, Catherine Expert: Introducing teenagers to drink at home is bad idea. (21 Dec 2012)

[Health Service Executive] Advice for parents on talking to teenagers about alcohol. (20 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner] , Maguire, Stephen Time called on pubs’ midnight opening plans. (20 Dec 2012)

[irishhealth.com] 'Don't mix alcohol and meds'. (19 Dec 2012)

[Oireachtas] Europol Bill 2012 passes both Houses of the Oireachtas. (18 Dec 2012)

[Medical Independent] Mental health main cause of youth GP visits in Mid West. (18 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner Breaking News] Minister announces changes to drugs task forces. (18 Dec 2012)

[AA] 13% have travelled with over-the-limit driver within last year. (17 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner] , Murray, Niall 40% of drivers take ‘morning after’ risk. (17 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , Brady, Tom Customs drug hauls treble in just a year to €63m. (17 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner] , Ring, Evelyn Drug to curb alcohol dependence gets go-ahead. (17 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Keeffe, Cormac Gangs use Luas and children to deal drugs. (17 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] NI Street-level crime maps launched. (17 Dec 2012)

[thejournal.ie] Are ignition locks the answer to cutting drink-drive deaths? (16 Dec 2012)

[thejournal.ie] Column: How Ireland’s modern drug scene began in 1960s Dublin. (16 Dec 2012)

[Irish Times] , Pope, Conor Problem of drink driving highlighted. (16 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , Cusack, Jim Violence blights flagship project as teens battle over drugs trade. (16 Dec 2012)

[Guardian Online] , Lapham, Lewis Nick Clegg and David Cameron clash over drug law reforms. (15 Dec 2012)

[www.build.ie] Call For National Alcohol Strategy to be brought To cabinet. (14 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner] , McCarthaigh, Sean Drink-driving detections fall by 50%. (14 Dec 2012)

[EMCDDA] Driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol and medicines. New EMCDDA report reveals risks of substance use behind the wheel. (14 Dec 2012)

[Irish Times] , Hilliard, Mark Haulage licence withdrawn amid suspicion of Garda collusion. (14 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Cannabis spray 'no aid to MS muscle spasms'. (13 Dec 2012)

[Garda.ie] New drink driving limits / reoffenders 2012 - media briefing. (13 Dec 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Ryan, Valerie Self-harm in young could be influenced by seasons. (13 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , Kelly, Fiach Varadkar hits back at Shortall over claims FG blocked alcohol reforms. (13 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner] Drink and the Irish - Too many lives ruined by alcohol. (12 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , Melia, Paul Drivers face roadside drug tests this summer. (12 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , Riegal, Ralph and Brady, Tom Gardai seek to prove triad link to cannabis growhouses. (12 Dec 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] Time for action. (12 Dec 2012)

[Irish Times] , Duncan, Pamela Flanagan supports British call to legalise drugs. (11 Dec 2012)

[Irish Government News Service] Minister White allocates €100,000 from the Drugs Initiative to support Community Safety Fora in Tallaght and Clondalkin. (11 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , Melia, Paul Motorists facing tough new rules 'to save lives'. (11 Dec 2012)

[Irish Times] , McGreevy, Ronan There ain't no cure for hangover. (11 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Doherty, Caroline Anger as alcohol strategy shelved again. (10 Dec 2012)

[Irish Times] , Holland, Kitty Call to tackle role of alcohol in acts of sexual violence. (10 Dec 2012)

[Parliament.UK] Committee calls for Royal Commission to examine UK drug policy. (10 Dec 2012)

[Guardian Online] , Travis, Alan David Cameron urged to take 'now or never' step on drugs reform. (10 Dec 2012)

[Road Safety Authority] Launch of Christmas and New Year road safety campaign. (10 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner] , Von Radowitz, John Smoking in pregnancy triples child infection risk. (10 Dec 2012)

[Rape Crisis Network Ireland] Target alcohol consumption and sexual violence. (10 Dec 2012)

[Irish Times] , Carbery, Genevieve HIV diagnosis still carries stigma, says Aids alliance. (08 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Keeffe, Cormac Small drug projects ‘will not survive latest cuts'. (07 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner] , Buckley, Dan and Rogers, Stephen Brisk trade at off-licences before price hikes. (06 Dec 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] Alcohol-related harm costs State an estimated €3.7billion a year. (05 Dec 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd IMO and ICGP both call for action on alcohol abuse. (05 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Keeffe, Cormac Tax hikes ‘will spur illegal tobacco trade’. (05 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner Breaking News] Vintners: Alcohol price rises will cost 10,000 jobs. (05 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , Von Radowitz, John Addiction gene linked to binge-drinking. (04 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , Riley-Smith, Ben Parental link to young drinkers. (04 Dec 2012)

[irishhealth.com] , Condon, Deborah Alcohol kills someone every seven hours. (03 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Keeffe, Cormac Cutting jail benzo use reduces violence. (03 Dec 2012)

[GAA] Off the Booze & On the Ball is back! (03 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner] , Baker, Noel Sniffer dogs nose out smuggled prison drugs. (03 Dec 2012)

[Irish Times] , Hunt, Joanne State is 'losing €1.5m a day' to illegal cigarettes. (03 Dec 2012)

[journal.ie] Government failure to tackle alcohol abuse had “devastating” impact on society – health specialist. (02 Dec 2012)

[Irish Times] , Cullen, Paul Call to curb sale of alcohol. (01 Dec 2012)

[Irish Times] , Pope, Conor Dangers of demon drink outlined. (01 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , Kelly, Fiach Medicinal cannabis available here in the next year. (01 Dec 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] Restore excise duty to 2009 levels and raise €200 million – alternative to cuts to frontline services. (30 Nov 2012)

[Royal College of Physicians of Ireland] Faculty of Public Health Medicine, RCPI calls for action on tobacco, alcohol and sugary drinks in Budget 2013. (27 Nov 2012)

[Southern Regional Drugs Task Force] Be Overdose Aware. (26 Nov 2012)

[Drugscope] DrugScope Street Drug Trends Survey highlights growing problems with mephedrone. (UK). (23 Nov 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd HRB to provide a ‘timely picture’ of drug situation. (23 Nov 2012)

[RTE News] Garda Commissioner says 25 gangs are operating in the State. (21 Nov 2012)

[thejournal.ie] Legislation to address street trading of benzodiazepines ‘due in early 2013′. (19 Nov 2012)

[Tyrone Times] Alcohol Awareness Week 2012. (18 Nov 2012)

[thejournal.ie] Coke, cannabis and getting clean: Ireland’s drug problem, in numbers. (18 Nov 2012)

[Belfast Telegraph] NI call for minimum alcohol unit price. (18 Nov 2012)

[Department of Health] Minister White announces €100,000 in annual funding for Mother and Child Residential Treatment Service in Coolmine Therapeutic Community. (12 Nov 2012)

[Health Service Executive] HSE QUIT Campaign wins 2 AdFx Awards for advertising effectiveness. (09 Nov 2012)

[irishhealth.com] , Condon, Deborah Irish have 'permissive' attitude to alcohol. (09 Nov 2012)

[irishhealth.com] , Condon, Deborah Alcohol putting pressure on GI services. (05 Nov 2012)

[irishhealth.com] Call for minimum pricing on alcohol. (01 Nov 2012)

[Medical Independent] , Jordan, Ailbhe Need to improve alcohol advice in SATUs. (01 Nov 2012)

[Medical Independent] , De Brun, Rita Online drugs a risky business. (01 Nov 2012)

[UNODC] Tracking designer drugs, legal highs and bath salts. (01 Nov 2012)

[National Youth Council of Ireland] Youth Council to press Noonan for social responsibility levy on drinks industry. (31 Oct 2012)

[RTE News] Number of addiction centre agency nurses halved. (30 Oct 2012)

[Sunday Independent] , Reilly, Jerome Illegal trade costs State €860m in lost revenue. (28 Oct 2012)

Minister Alex White to launch Alcohol Action Ireland Conference. (25 Oct 2012)

[irishhealth.com] One in five say they drink to excess. (25 Oct 2012)

[BBC News] Analysis: legal challenge to Scotland’s minimum alcohol price plan. (23 Oct 2012)

[Department of Health] Launch of research findings on the use of sedatives, tranquilisers and anti-depressants. (23 Oct 2012)

[Irish Pharmacy Union] Pharmacists warn of dangers of using internet for buying medicines. (23 Oct 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Culliton, Gary Prescribing Task Force due. (23 Oct 2012)

, Sheehan, Aideen Beer sales fall flat as drinkers abandon pubs. (22 Oct 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] Cannabis extract eases muscle stiffness in MS patients. (22 Oct 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd Famous Guinness photo calls sent out the ‘wrong spin’ on alcohol use. (22 Oct 2012)

[Rape Crisis Network Ireland] Vulnerability of teenagers to sexual violence in a binge drinking culture must be addressed. (22 Oct 2012)

[journal.ie] Alcohol awareness week set for Ireland next year. (21 Oct 2012)

[journal.ie] Varadkar remains uneasy about banning alcohol sponsorship of sport. (21 Oct 2012)

[BBC News Online] Canadian study 'backs minimum alcohol price benefits'. (19 Oct 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd Exposing the ‘hidden’ problem. (16 Oct 2012)

[Dublin People] , Deasy, Jamie Local campaign highlights drug use dangers. (15 Oct 2012)

[Scotsman] , Barnes, Eddie Minimum pricing plans in Scotland shelved by ministers. (14 Oct 2012)

[BBC News Online] , Triggle, Nick Baby boomer alcohol harm 'more likely than in young'. (UK). (12 Oct 2012)

[Mid Ulster Mail] Community partnership provides lifeline against alcohol and substance misuse. (12 Oct 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd Over 120,000 illegal tablets and capsules seized by authorities. (11 Oct 2012)

[Health Service Executive] People Presenting to Emergency Department in Cork affected by a suspected strong batch of heroin. (05 Oct 2012)

Statistics for drug treatment activity in England 2011-12. (05 Oct 2012)

[RTE News] Two Cork deaths linked to strong batch of heroin. (05 Oct 2012)

[Oireachtas] Dail debate: Addiction services: Motion [Private Members]. (04 Oct 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] Over 65s at increased risk of developing dementia with benzodiazepines. (04 Oct 2012)

[Medical Independent] , Fogarty, James The remedy as the problem. (04 Oct 2012)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Keeffe, Cormac Anti-drug efforts ‘undermined by bureaucracy’. (02 Oct 2012)

[Home Office UK] Drug Misuse Declared: Findings from the 2011/12 Crime Survey for England and Wales. (27 Sep 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] Charity raises concern over support for “Arthur’s Day”. (26 Sep 2012)

[Rape Crisis Network Ireland] RCNI call for Rape Prevention Programmes that target alcohol consumption link to sexual violence. (26 Sep 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] Action plan on alcohol must be a top priority for Government. (24 Sep 2012)

[Department of Health] Minister Shortall launches alcohol consumption and alcohol related harm in Ireland. (24 Sep 2012)

[rte.ie] Ms Shortall said it is crucial people reduce their level of alcohol consumption. [Roisin Shortall to hold meeting with Health Minister James Reilly]. (24 Sep 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Shannon, June Demand for GPs by the homeless increase. (21 Sep 2012)

[Irish Medical News] , Scheibein, Florian Supervised injection sites in Ireland? (21 Sep 2012)

[Office of the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs] Minister Frances Fitzgerald T.D. publishes wording for Children’s Referendum. (19 Sep 2012)

[Irish Medical News] , Mulholland, Paul The future of hepatitis C services. (14 Sep 2012)

[rte.ie] HSE in warning to drug users over powder form of ecstasy. (12 Sep 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] Stay safe: students celebrating Junior Cert results urged to make a “who, what, where, when, how” plan. (11 Sep 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Lynch, Priscilla GPs to carry out more hepatitis C care. (07 Sep 2012)

[Medical Independent] , Jordon, Ailbhe Service proposed for doctors with drug abuse issues. (06 Sep 2012)

[RAND Corporation] The U.S. Drug Policy Landscape. Insights and Opportunities for Improving the View. (06 Sep 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] , Smyth, Bobby P. “There is no product on the planet that is more unsuitable to act as a sponsor of these sports”. (04 Sep 2012)

[Guardian Online] , Ramesh, Randeep Helium and barbiturates contribute to drug death statistics (UK). (30 Aug 2012)

[Londonderry Sentinel] Booze kills 42 but drugs kills 9 in RAAD land. (29 Aug 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Lynch, Priscilla Community detox scheme goes national. (27 Aug 2012)

[Drinks Industry Ireland] HRB finds 80% believe current alcohol consumption levels here too high. (27 Aug 2012)

[WorldPharmaNews] First evidence from humans on how alcohol may boost risk of cancer. (24 Aug 2012)

[Guardian Online] , Cambell, Dennis Class divide in health widens, says thinktank (UK). (23 Aug 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Lynch, Priscilla GP rejects relevance of methadone waiting list drop. (22 Aug 2012)

[Activelink] Dun Laoghaire Rathdown: Education bursaries. (15 Aug 2012)

[schooldays.ie] , Walsh, Donal Appeal for shops and pubs to clamp down on underage alcohol sales. (13 Aug 2012)

[Health Service Executive] HSE’s QUIT campaign begins a new phase. (13 Aug 2012)

[journal.ie] Monaghan nightclub refuses tap water to patrons to discourage ‘drug use'. (09 Aug 2012)

[The New Statesman] , Lewis, Helen Amanda Feilding: "Tobacco kills 100,000 a year - cannabis a handful throughout history". (08 Aug 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Gantly, Dara Fall in the waiting list numbers for opioid substitution therapy. (08 Aug 2012)

[Dublin People] , Flanagan, Mark Lethal heroin warning to drug users. (06 Aug 2012)

[Belfast Telegraph] , Kilpatrick, Chris NI:Teenage drink and drug abuse figures cause for concern. (06 Aug 2012)

[Belfast Telegraph] , Kilpatrick, Chris Cut-price heroin is now commonplace in Northern Ireland, says Coroner. (03 Aug 2012)

[National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse] Drug addicts seeking treatment are doing better. (UK). (03 Aug 2012)

[Cork Independent] , Horgan, Peter Off-licence training needed - Clune. (02 Aug 2012)

[Health Protection Agency] Anthrax: information for drug users and drug workers. (31 Jul 2012)

[Royal College of Physicians of Ireland] New RCPI policy group on alcohol to recommend minimum pricing and restricted availability to reduce deaths. (30 Jul 2012)

[Health Service Executive] Overhaul of Mental Health Act 2001. (30 Jul 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] New website highlights cancer risks posed by alcohol. (27 Jul 2012)

[Harm Reduction International] Global State of Harm Reduction 2012. (26 Jul 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , O'Connor, Sharon Mental health services in prisons: a work in progress. (26 Jul 2012)

[NHS Information Centre] Smoking, drinking and drug use among young people in England in 2011. (26 Jul 2012)

[Health Protection Surveillance Centre] Case of Anthrax identified in injecting drug user in Scotland. (25 Jul 2012)

[Labour.ie] Minister Shortall welcomes significant fall in numbers waiting for opioid substitution treatment. (25 Jul 2012)

[Department of Health] Minister Shortall welcomes significant fall in the number of people waiting for opioid substitution treatment. (25 Jul 2012)

[Department of Children and Youth Affairs] Minister Frances Fitzgerald speaks at symposium on ‘exploring outcomes in youth work and related provision’. (24 Jul 2012)

[BBC News Online] Peers back smoking ban for cars with children present. (24 Jul 2012)

[IAM] Get tough on drink driving say motorists. (23 Jul 2012)

[EMCDDA] New EMCDDA report reviews measures for creating safer nightlife environment for young people. (23 Jul 2012)

[thejournal.ie] “We’re drinking too much as a country” – Shortall confirms alcohol restrictions. (23 Jul 2012)

[Department of Children and Youth Affairs] Minister Frances Fitzgerald TD publishes Final Report of the Task Force on the Child and Family Support Agency. (20 Jul 2012)

[Department of Justice and Equality] Minister Shatter publishes legislation to require mandatory vetting of persons working with children or vulnerable adults. (20 Jul 2012)

[Press Association] Scottish Government to defend alcohol price. (20 Jul 2012)

[Department of Health] Statement on Health Service Executive (Governance) Bill 2012. (18 Jul 2012)

[EMCDDA] EMCDDA 2012 Statistical bulletin provides latest data on Europe’s drugs problem. (17 Jul 2012)

[RTE News] Review finds 'inconsistent' implementation of mental health strategy. (17 Jul 2012)

[Irish Penal Reform Trust] Increased spending on pharmaceuticals in prisons highlights vulnerability & lack of services. (16 Jul 2012)

[Irish Medical News] , Scheibein, Florian Uncertainty around medicinal cannabis. (16 Jul 2012)

[Irish Medical News] , Scheibein, Florian A gateway to prescribing cannabis? (16 Jul 2012)

[The Guardian] , McDonald, Henry Northern Ireland judges use powers to ban naming of alleged drug dealers. (15 Jul 2012)

[Sunday Independent] , Hartnett, Bob Small measures in right direction can tackle drink crux. (15 Jul 2012)

[thejournal.ie] Heroin problem in Limerick is getting worse, says councillor. (13 Jul 2012)

[Vintners Federation of Ireland] VFI welcomes Health Research Board findings. (12 Jul 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] , Ryan, Fiona Youth drinking problem? Perhaps we should look at ourselves…. (12 Jul 2012)

[newstalk.ie] 85% believe alcohol consumption in Ireland is too high. (11 Jul 2012)

[rte.ie] Family Resource Centres see impact of recession with 16% rise in queries. (11 Jul 2012)

[Health Research Board] HRB report highlights public knowledge, attitudes and behaviour in relation to alcohol. Press release. (11 Jul 2012)

[Department of Health] Launch of Survey: Alcohol: Public Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviours (commissioned by the Health Research Board on behalf of the Department of Health from Ipsos MRBI). (11 Jul 2012)

[rte.ie] Majority believe alcohol consumption in Ireland is too high. (11 Jul 2012)

[inef.ie] PMA ParaMethoxyMethylAmphetamine - ALERT. (11 Jul 2012)

[National Youth Council of Ireland] “Time now please” strong public support for action by Government to address national drink problem. (11 Jul 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] Year-on-year public backing for ‘minimum price’ for alcohol – time to implement Substance Misuse Strategy recommendations on alcohol pricing and marketing. (11 Jul 2012)

[newstalk.ie] VIDEO: Is it in Irish DNA to abuse substances excessively? (10 Jul 2012)

[oxygen.ie] Drinking habits national survey results. (09 Jul 2012)

[newstalk.ie] Judge sets alcohol prices in Donegal town to end feud. (06 Jul 2012)

[European Alcohol Policy Alliance] www.alcoholandcancer.eu - new website on alcohol and cancer. (06 Jul 2012)

[thejournal.ie] Over half-a-million breath tests carried out by Gardaí in 2011. (05 Jul 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Culliton, Gary Spectrum of IDU infections is revealed by Irish research. (05 Jul 2012)

[Irish Cancer Society] Female smoking in Ireland reaches crisis point as ‘Big Tobacco’ targets Irish women and girls. (04 Jul 2012)

[thejournal.ie] Centra shops criticised for ‘disgraceful’ Children’s Allowance Day beer offers. (03 Jul 2012)

[National Youth Council of Ireland] ‘Voluntary’ alcohol code not worth a tap. (03 Jul 2012)

[Department of Health] Minister Shortall chairs British Irish Council Ministerial Meeting on the Misuse of Drugs. (29 Jun 2012)

New European website with info and advice on alcohol and cancer. (29 Jun 2012)

[BBC News] NI:£7m Big Lottery funding to tackle alcohol abuse. (27 Jun 2012)

[RTE News] Two held after 400kg of cocaine seized in Kildare and Dublin. (26 Jun 2012)

[Sunday Independent] Alcohol action group lobbies for plan. (24 Jun 2012)

[EMCDDA] Joint rapid risk assessment: Anthrax cases among injecting drug users, Germany. (22 Jun 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] Alcohol named as key child welfare issue of concern ‘worth highlighting’ in Report of Independent Child Death Review Group. (20 Jun 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd Alcohol now in top-shelf of Food Pyramid — DoH. (20 Jun 2012)

[Irish Medical News] , Cahill, Niamh Concern over review of methadone treatment. (20 Jun 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] “Hidden Harm” Action Plan needed for children in families with parental alcohol and drug problems: denial no longer an option. (20 Jun 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] Patients treated for sexual assault up by a third. (18 Jun 2012)

[BBC News Northern Ireland] , Adair, Gordon Louth coach drivers perform own breath tests. (15 Jun 2012)

[Medical Independent] , Jordan, Ailbhe Alcohol consumption responsible in almost half of poisoning deaths. (14 Jun 2012)

[The Telegraph] , Donnelly, Laura UK doctors call for ban on TV adverts for alcohol. (11 Jun 2012)

[Council of the European Union] Council of the European Union: Conclusions on the new EU drugs strategy. (07 Jun 2012)

Leading experts to review global developments in new drugs and ‘legal highs’. (07 Jun 2012)

[Southern Regional Drugs Task Force] Southern Regional Task Force Chair position. (05 Jun 2012)

[Sunday Independent] Increase in demand is leading to boom in the cultivation of cannabis. (03 Jun 2012)

[EMCDDA] New ESPAD study shows overall stable drug use among school students and a reduction in ‘heavy episodic drinking’, but no decrease in cigarette smoking. (31 May 2012)

[Breakthrough Cancer Research] National survey finds poor awareness of cancer risk factors - Breakthrough Cancer Research provides cancer prevention tips. (29 May 2012)

[rte.ie] New laws make it illegal to possess certain drugs without prescription. (28 May 2012)

Early warning system - national profile. (25 May 2012)

[Scottish Government] Alcohol minimum pricing bill passed (Scotland). (24 May 2012)

[UTV news] Alcohol code of practice to launch {Northern Ireland]. (23 May 2012)

[Department of Health] Minister Shortall launches the Dial to Stop Drug Dealing Partnership with Crimestoppers. (22 May 2012)

[Dublin People] , Twomey, Aoibhinn Big boost for Finglas addiction team. (21 May 2012)

[thejournal.ie] No clear timeline for approval of cannabis-based painkiller in Ireland. (20 May 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Houston, Muiris The ‘Jigsaw’ puzzle of mental health. (17 May 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd DoH commissions survey on alcohol and obesity. (11 May 2012)

[Health Research Board] Cannabis, adolescence and schizophrenia. (08 May 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd Drug specialist alleges inaction on drug abuse. (04 May 2012)

[UNODC] UNODC and European Drug Agency agree on work programme to strengthen action against illicit drugs. (04 May 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd HSE now assessing drug treatment waiting lists. (02 May 2012)

[Irish Prison Reform Trust] Proposed Community Return Scheme offers potential for more structured and transparent safe release of prisoners – IPRT. (02 May 2012)

[Sankalpa] Seminar on herbal medicine - drug and alcohol addiction. (02 May 2012)

Should we be worried about teenagers? (02 May 2012)

[Belfast Telegraph] , McNeilly, Claire NI: New legislation to crack down on teenage drinkers using bogus ID. (01 May 2012)

[thejournal.ie] Pharmacists express concern over addiction to pain relief. (01 May 2012)

[irishcentral.com] American and Irish youths have highest death rate due to binge drinking, partying and violence. (28 Apr 2012)

[journal.ie] Taking new illicit drugs is like playing ‘a dangerous game of roulette’. (26 Apr 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd Doctor was accused of ‘hypocrisy’ over alcohol. (25 Apr 2012)

[European Alcohol and Health Forum] Self-regulation of alcohol is not an answer. (25 Apr 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Gantly, Dara ICGP supports calls for more alcohol controls. (24 Apr 2012)

[irishcentral.com] , O'Shea, Kerry Crystal Meth drug set to wreak havoc in Ireland say experts there. (21 Apr 2012)

[ICGP] ICGP supports the Government’s plans for alcohol legislation. (20 Apr 2012)

[Department of Justice and Equality] Minister Shatter T.D. publishes the reports of the Cloverhill Prison, Cork Prison, Mountjoy Prison and Wheatfield Prison Visiting Committees. (20 Apr 2012)

[European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction] EMCDDA report presents latest evidence on heroin-assisted treatment for hard-to-treat opioid users. (19 Apr 2012)

[irishhealth.com] Ecstasy use can lead to depression. (19 Apr 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] Surge expected in liver cirrhosis cases. (19 Apr 2012)

[Irish Medical Independent] Damaging effects of alcohol abuse seen by GPs every day. (18 Apr 2012)

[Belfast Telegraph] , McNeilly, Claire Minister rounds on retailers over cheap booze promotions. (13 Apr 2012)

[United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime] UNODC chief discusses responses to HIV/ AIDS among drug users and prisoners. (13 Apr 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] Kicking alcohol sponsorship to touch? (11 Apr 2012)

[irishhealth.com] Warning on epidemic of liver disease. (11 Apr 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] Moderate alcohol impacts on breast cancer risk. (04 Apr 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Gantly, Dara Service shortfalls are the reason behind prescribing rates — IMO. (04 Apr 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] UK Govt threatens alcohol ad ban to protect young people. (03 Apr 2012)

[Garda.ie] "Operation Focus” [Road safety] phase 3 – South Eastern Region. (31 Mar 2012)

[Lancet] The UK takes action on alcohol. (31 Mar 2012)

[BBC News Online] , Wilson, Sam Synthetic drug fentanyl causes overdose boom in Estonia. (30 Mar 2012)

[The Irish Sun] , Breen, Stephen Asian gangs cash in on Irish drug trade. (27 Mar 2012)

[Irish Medical News] ICGP publishes update to opiate guidelines. (27 Mar 2012)

[NICE] Minimum pricing to target young and problem drinkers. (27 Mar 2012)

[rte.ie] , Murphy, Paul Prime Time blog 27 March 2012 [prescription drugs]. (27 Mar 2012)

[The Economist] Quietly, cannabis has in effect been decriminalised in Britain. (24 Mar 2012)

[Bloomberg] , Hutton, Robert Cameron plans minimum alcohol price ineEffort to curb disorder (UK). (23 Mar 2012)

[Medical Independent] , Shannon, June HSE benzodiazepine letters to encourage quality prescribing. (23 Mar 2012)

New EMCDDA multicity project on wastewater analysis. (23 Mar 2012)

[Activelink] Funding: North Dublin City & County Regional Drugs Task Force. (22 Mar 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Gantly, Dara New alcohol bill set to be brought forward. (22 Mar 2012)

[Dublin People] , Deasy, Jamie Fears for addicts as clinic faces closure. (19 Mar 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Kenny, Mary Anne ICGP backs Steering Group’s calls to limit access to alcohol. (16 Mar 2012)

[RTE News] RSA urges road users to exercise caution. (16 Mar 2012)

[journal.ie] St Patrick’s Day link with alcohol must be broken – Shortall. (16 Mar 2012)

[Oireachtas] Health Committee Chairman welcomes Minister’s commitment to bring forward health bill to address alcohol misuse. (15 Mar 2012)

[United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime] Fifty-fifth session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs to open in Vienna. (12 Mar 2012)

[United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime] UN drugs chief calls for stronger cooperation frameworks and attention to health as way forward for international drugs policy. (12 Mar 2012)

[Belfast Telegraph] , McNeilly, Claire University urges drink retailers to call time on booze deals for students. (10 Mar 2012)

[Belfast Telegraph] , McNeilly, Claire Minimum alcohol price considered for Nothern Ireland. (09 Mar 2012)

[Belfast Newsletter] Talks bid to tackle ‘binge drink’ culture. (08 Mar 2012)

[Citywide] Citywide film launch. (06 Mar 2012)

[journal.ie] Urban Outfitters criticised over ‘drunk Irish’ themed clothing. (06 Mar 2012)

[New York Times] , Archibold, Randall C. U.S. Remains Opposed to Drug Legalization, Biden Tells Region. (05 Mar 2012)

[Belfast Telegraph] , McKeown, Leslie-Anne Queen’s University Belfast's 'softly approach' to St Patrick's Day blasted by University of Ulster. (29 Feb 2012)

[BBC News Northern Ireland] Survey shows fear of crime in Northern Ireland is rising. (29 Feb 2012)

[EPHA] "Brewers’Pledge is nothing but a public affairs exercise" says EPHA. (28 Feb 2012)

[journal.ie] More than 48,000 people treated in hospital after deliberate self-harm. (23 Feb 2012)

[Irish Medical News] , Feely, Marie Last call for alcohol use. (22 Feb 2012)

[Irish Medical News] , Feely, Marie RCPI sets up alcohol policy group. (22 Feb 2012)

[Ana Liffey Drug Project] Dublin Regional Homeless Executive supports plans to pilot a Medically Supervised Injecting Centre. (21 Feb 2012)

[The Lancet] Projections of alcohol-related deaths in England and Wales—tragic toll or potential prize? (20 Feb 2012)

[irishhealth.com] Cannabis-based medicines may be legalised. (19 Feb 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd Cost-benefit analysis for alcohol strategy. (17 Feb 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd Bottle of vodka a week for hard-drinking Irish. (16 Feb 2012)

Why a drink problem is everyone’s problem. (16 Feb 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd Doctors urged to participate in debate. (14 Feb 2012)

[rte.ie] The Frontline: Alcohol advertising. (14 Feb 2012)

[journal.ie] To fight the drug problem, we must treat users with compassion. (10 Feb 2012)

[European Alcohol Policy Alliance eurocare] What makes young people drink less or more? (09 Feb 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd 3,334 drug deaths in just six years. (08 Feb 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Culliton, Gary Alcohol advertising ban is backed. (08 Feb 2012)

[irishhealth.com] , Hunter, Niall Booze nation - shock alcohol stats. (08 Feb 2012)

[Department of Health] Chief Medical Officer ask doctors to participate in the public debate on alcohol. (08 Feb 2012)

[Citywide] Citywide letter to Minister Shothall - reverse the cuts! (08 Feb 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd Participate in alcohol debate, doctors urged. (08 Feb 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] Alcohol Strategy – political will key to turning ‘blueprint for change’ into plan of action. (07 Feb 2012)

[RTE News] Group wants alcohol sponsorship of sport ended. (07 Feb 2012)

Launch of the report of the National Substance Misuse Strategy Steering Group. (07 Feb 2012)

[Royal College of Physicians of Ireland] RCPI welcomes recommendations on alcohol misuse. (07 Feb 2012)

[BBC News Northern Ireland] Republic could ban drinks sponsorship of sports events. (07 Feb 2012)

[EPHA] EPHA open letter to the Ministers for Health of Ireland and Northern Ireland on alcohol minimum pricing. (06 Feb 2012)

[irishhealth.com] , Teoi, Gillian Preventing students becoming problem drinkers. (01 Feb 2012)

[Oireachtas] Sub-Committee on Penal Reform to hear submissions from five groups. (31 Jan 2012)

[United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime] New UNODC initiative works with youth to address substance abuse. (30 Jan 2012)

[Activelink] Seeking expressions of interest for MWRDTF treatment & rehab funding pool 2012. (28 Jan 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] Health Committee recommendations welcome - but political action needed to make them a reality. (27 Jan 2012)

[Mayo Advertiser] Oireachtas alcohol report will tackle drink problem – O’Mahony. (27 Jan 2012)

[Department of Health] Minister addresses first all-island alcohol conference. (26 Jan 2012)

[Oireachtas] Advertising ban on alcohol products necessary. (24 Jan 2012)

Ana Liffey Drug Project: Strategic Plan 2012 - 2014. (23 Jan 2012)

[RTE News] Review of term for drugs offences recommended. (19 Jan 2012)

, Roche, Barry Multiple drugs caused man's death. (18 Jan 2012)

[RTE News] Report: 120,000 will have psychotic episode. (18 Jan 2012)

[British Medical Journal] , Mooney, Helen Ignoring evidence has led to ineffective drug policies, shows research. (13 Jan 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Connors, Aoife Foetal alcohol problems possible in 7% of births. (11 Jan 2012)

[Tallaght Drugs Task Force] Stop Drug Dealing Campaign. (11 Jan 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Connors, Aoife Drug Minister’s title ‘should be amended’. (10 Jan 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Connors, Aoife Below-cost alcohol sales ‘cannot continue’. (09 Jan 2012)

[rte.ie] Morning Ireland: Minimum alcohol price law planned: Minister of State Roisin Shortall. (09 Jan 2012)

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[The Cork News] Drugs fear in city as freephone line axed. (06 Jan 2012)

Why invest? How drug treatment and recovery services work for individuals, communities and society. (UK). (06 Jan 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] Hepatitis C and new treatments. (05 Jan 2012)

[Reuters] Higher alcohol prices may curb drinking: study. (04 Jan 2012)

[Dublin People] , Deasy, Jamie Drug treatment centres to close. (02 Jan 2012)

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