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Dail Debates

[Oireachtas] Dáil Éireann debate. Question 194 – Road safety [Alcohol] [14007/24]. (09 Apr 2024)

[Oireachtas] Dail Eireann debate. Written answer 1436 - Health services provision [26134/16]. (16 Sep 2016)

[Oireachtas] Joint Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality debate - Public order offences from alcohol misuse perspective: discussion. (25 Mar 2014)

[Oireachtas] Seanad Eireann Debate. Garda operations [Alcohol]. (26 Sep 2013)

[Oireachtas] Dáil Éireann debate. Topical issue debate - Sexual offences [Alcohol]. (11 Dec 2012)

[Oireachtas] Dail Eireann debate. Assaults on Emergency Workers Bill 2012: Second Stage. (05 Oct 2012)

[Oireachtas] Dail Eireann debate. Topical issue debate – Mental health services. [alcohol]. (16 May 2012)

Book Section

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