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Scott, Kevin (2008) A study of anti-social behaviour on Dublin bus routes. Masters thesis, Dublin Institute of Technology.

External website: http://arrow.dit.ie/aaschssldis/3/

The area under investigation was the phenomenon of criminological behaviour occurring on Dublin Bus Routes. Research questions were based around: 1) what anti-social behaviour is occurring on buses, 2) when is this behaviour occurring, 3) who is perpetrating this behaviour and 4) how is anti-social behaviour on buses being tackled? Two problematic bus routes and one control route were selected based on geographic spread and the comparative ratio of criminal incidents involved (the 78A, 77 and the control case: 46A). A statistical analysis of existing information from Dublin Bus surrounding anti-social behaviour on these routes was conducted. The researcher then performed equivalent systematic observation over a period of three weeks on the proposed routes. This data was supplemented with four semi-structured interviews obtained from members of the Dublin Bus Zero-Tolerance Unit. The data garnered from the observation and the interviews was then cross-examined against the statistical analysis of existing data to see how comparable it was. The results showed a bias in the reporting of more serious crime with a lot of minor incidents never being recorded. The findings were used to inform academic recommendations for future research with regard to the nature of anti-social behaviour on buses and how it is policed. Practical solutions to effective management strategies in dealing with crime were also suggested.

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