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HBSC Ireland Team. Nic Gabhainn, Saoirse and Murphy, Christina (2010) Drunkenness among schoolchildren in Ireland. Galway: Health Behaviour in School Aged Children.

PDF (Factsheet 5) - Published Version

HBSC Ireland 2010 has found that the percentage of children who report having been ‘really drunk’ has slightly decreased between 2006 (32.4%) and 2010 (28.1%). There are higher rates of reported drunkenness among older children; 3.7% of 10-11 year olds, 19.4% of 12-14 year olds and 56.6% of 15-17 year olds. The decreases since 2006 are largest in the two older age groups. There are only marginal differences in drunkenness between the older girls and boys. Those who have been ‘really drunk’ are less likely than those who have not to report that they live with both parents, find it easy to talk to their mother and their father and to report liking school. They are more likely to report that they find it easy to talk to their best friend, spend four or more evenings out per week and that they feel pressured by their school work than those who report that they have never been ‘really drunk’. Being drunk in this factsheet refers to children who report having had so much alcohol that they were ‘really drunk’ once or more in their lifetime.

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