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[Irish Independent] , Coyne, Ellen Addicts caught with cocaine or ecstasy ‘should be cautioned and not charged’ says drugs strategy minister. (04 Nov 2022)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Alcohol consumption advice to be re-examined over at-home drinking trends that emerged from pandemic. (21 Mar 2022)

[Irish Independent] , Weckler, Adrian Web gambling companies allow credit card betting through apps despite industry rules. (20 Jan 2022)

[Irish Independent] , Kelleher, Lynne Garda figures show shift toward cannabis decriminalisation as prosecutions halved in 2021. (02 Jan 2022)

[Irish Independent] , Riegel, Ralph Ireland faces ‘addiction tsunami’ over scale of pandemic home drinking. (31 Dec 2021)

[Irish Independent] , Dodd, Eimear Calls for HSE to fill Bray Local Drugs and Alcohol taskforce co-ordinator vacancy. (29 Dec 2021)

[Irish Independent] , Manning, John Local secondary school students surveyed to help create a ‘Planet Youth’ in Fingal. (27 Oct 2021)

[Irish Independent] , Schiller, Robin Seven people caught for drug-driving every day as drink-drive numbers drop. (26 Oct 2021)

[Irish Independent] , Collins, Sarah New EU rules may put paid to cheaper alcohol and cigarettes from overseas. (02 Feb 2021)

[Irish Independent] , Crisp, James EU plans to ban vaping in public places as part of drive to slash tobacco use by 2040. (28 Jan 2021)

[Irish Independent] , Foy, Ken Gardaí clampdown as increase in people 'off their heads' travelling to buy drugs. (21 Jan 2021)

[Irish Independent] Patricia Casey: 'Cocaine use now is higher than ever before - but we're not taking the threat seriously'. (03 Dec 2019)

[Irish Independent] , Sheehan, Maeve Drugs trail that reaches from Dubai to all corners of Ireland. (02 Dec 2019)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Pressure grows for law to tackle sales of cheap alcohol. (26 Sep 2019)

[Irish Independent] , Tallant, Nicola Garda Chief Superintendent warning: 'Ireland is loaded with cocaine.... we will lose a generation of young people if we don't tackle it as a health issue'. (13 May 2019)

[Irish Independent] , O'Connor, Rúaidhrí 'It almost became like a habit' - O'Driscoll reveals painkiller use. (06 Dec 2018)

[Irish Independent] Dr John Collins: 'Drug courts have served as 'window dressing' - and it's time we moved on'. (01 Nov 2018)

[Irish Independent] , Melia, Paul Half of all pedestrians killed on roads had alcohol in their system. (02 Oct 2018)

[Irish Independent] , Downing, John Smoke-free Ireland still 34 years off as 100 die every week. (02 Oct 2018)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Irish teens drinking less but still among the worst in Europe. (27 Sep 2018)

[Irish Independent] , Donnelly, Katherine No room for complacency despite success of campaigns. (27 Sep 2018)

[Irish Independent] , Bielenberg, Kim Sláinte! Ireland's battle over booze. (23 Sep 2018)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Rise in people being treated a second time for alcohol addiction. (31 Aug 2018)

[Irish Independent] , Cockerell, Jennifer Arteries damaged by teenage drinking and smoking. (29 Aug 2018)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Boozing women in their 50s in Ireland are drinking more than youngsters. (25 Aug 2018)

[Irish Independent] , Begley, Ian Vaping must only be used 'as last resort'. (15 Aug 2018)

[Irish Independent] Dr Ciara Kelly: Ireland has a drink problem of collective denial. (13 Aug 2018)

[Irish Independent] , O'Connor, Wayne and McQuinn, Cormac Rise in anti-social behaviour making people's lives a misery. (30 Jul 2018)

[Irish Independent] , Larkin, Laura Explainer: How much can I drink under new drink-drive laws? And how long is the ban? (18 Jul 2018)

[Irish Independent] Dr Ciara Kelly: "We really need to realise that alcohol is a drug. (16 Jul 2018)

[Irish Independent] , McQuinn, Cormac Rural TDs suspicious over Ross bill vote. (03 Jul 2018)

[Irish Independent] , Riegel, Ralph 'Zero tolerance' approach to drunken bad behaviour on country's beaches, gardai warn. (01 Jul 2018)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Addicts lose sight of normal relationships. (19 Jun 2018)

[Irish Independent] More women hospitalised in drug-related emergencies. (08 Jun 2018)

[Irish Independent] , Farrell, Rachel Ryanair brushes off criticism of controversial Leaving Cert post that 'encourages binge drinking as normal behaviour'. (07 Jun 2018)

[Irish Independent] , Farrell, Rachel Gardai plan crackdown on public disorder and underage drinking across Dublin. (25 May 2018)

[Irish Independent] , Doyle, Kevin and Donnelly, Margaret Revealed: The 50 bus routes under new 'drink link' plan for rural Ireland. (08 May 2018)

[Irish Independent] , Horan, Niamh Alcohol 'still most usual date rape drug'. (16 Apr 2018)

[Irish Independent] , Anderson, Nicola ..... effects of alcohol spelled out in Rugby rape trial. (22 Feb 2018)

[Irish Independent] , Meaghar, John 'If I can't smoke on the bus, I'll walk' - how smoking was banned on Dublin Bus 30 years ago. (21 Feb 2018)

[Irish Independent] , Doyle, Kevin Feuding gangsters using 12-year-olds to transport drugs. (09 Feb 2018)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Mark Irish alcoholics are travelling to UK for €1,000 'pellet' to help beat addiction. (29 Jun 2015)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Solicitors at odds with Law Society on smoking. (27 Feb 2014)

[Irish Independent] , Sheehan, Aideen and Hade, Emma Jane Beer 'cheaper than water' in shops. (24 Feb 2014)

Press Association. [Irish Independent] Hormone may aid cannabis treatment. (03 Jan 2014)

[Irish Independent] 'Lynchpin' reactivates. (31 Dec 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Brady, Tom Tobacco smugglers downsize to dodge Customs officers. (31 Dec 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Twomey, John 413 arrests made so far this month in blitz on drink drivers. (20 Dec 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Rowe, Mark Dr Mark Rowe: Going easy on the drink will make your life better as well as longer. (20 Dec 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Murphy, Cormac Drinks industry group urges festive revellers to call time on '12 pubs'. (19 Dec 2013)

[Irish Independent] , McDonald, Brian Hungover drivers as dangerous as drunk motorists. (19 Dec 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Phelan, Shane Tobacco lobby can fight plain packaging plan at hearings. (18 Dec 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Devlin, Martina Homelessness isn't a lifestyle choice – it's up to us to help people off streets. (05 Dec 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Bray, Allison Jailing women for petty offences leading to overcrowding in Dochas Centre. (04 Dec 2013)

Press Association. [Irish Independent] Morning-after warning for drivers. (02 Dec 2013)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Drinking sparks huge rise in liver disease. (22 Nov 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Deegan, Gordon Small town has drug epidemic, says judge. (21 Nov 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Brady, Tom Focus turns to 'middlemen' in crackdown on illegal tobacco. (17 Nov 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Greene, John Sense prevails but funding fight goes on. (17 Nov 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Macey, Chris Chris Macey: Big Tobacco's black market theory goes up in smoke. (07 Nov 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Brady, Tom Gardai arrest 89 in crackdown on gangs. (07 Nov 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Kenny, Mary When debating cannabis law, let's be honest about the risks. (04 Nov 2013)

[Irish Independent] , O'Brien, John GAA becomes key player in fostering mental well-being. (03 Nov 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Crawford, Caroline Drug gang suspected in theft of GAA club's lights. (01 Nov 2013)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Psychiatric admissions are highest in the west. (01 Nov 2013)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish 25pc rise in strokes among young due to bad lifestyles. (25 Oct 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Harkin, Greg Mum's drug plea as son dies from 'legal high' in UK. (25 Oct 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Murray, Frank Prof Frank Murray: Taking the right steps to curb 'drink culture'. (25 Oct 2013)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Reilly could face EU row over cheap drink curbs. (25 Oct 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Snowdon, Christopher Christopher Snowdon: Why our efforts to cut smoking have been a failure. (23 Oct 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Sheahan, Fionnan and Sheehan, Aideen Days of cheap drink coming to end in new alcohol strategy. (23 Oct 2013)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Children drawn to colourful cigarette packets, study shows. (17 Oct 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Kelly, Louise Alcohol and education costs drive 0.2pc increase in consumer prices. (11 Oct 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Coleman, David 'Choking game' is here – and parents must be ready to tackle it head on. (11 Oct 2013)

[Irish Independent] Report on mental health of our young people is a wake-up call. (11 Oct 2013)

[Irish Independent] , O'Sullivan, Majella Mental health problems affect one in 10 children. (08 Oct 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Diaz, Alex 'Hard drugs should be legal', says top English police officer. (29 Sep 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Fegan, Joyce Hospitals quiet as Arthur's Day passes without a hiccup. (29 Sep 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Hancock, Ciaran We need to take a line on drink. (25 Sep 2013)

[Irish Independent] , McCabe, Sarah Struggling industry fails to justify costly relationship with drink. (24 Sep 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Cusack, Jim Three-quarters of Irish prostitutes have gone to college. (22 Sep 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Ellis, Fiona Suicide victim's mum calls for rethink on medication. (09 Sep 2013)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Warning as cases of painkiller poisoning on rise. (09 Sep 2013)

[Irish Independent] , McCabe, Sarah 'Big Tobacco' earns €104m in profits from sales here. (06 Sep 2013)

[Irish Independent] , von Radowitz, John Cannabis risks much higher for teenagers. (28 Aug 2013)

[Irish Independent] , von Radowitz, John Cocaine boosts the brain – but not in a good way. (26 Aug 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Hourigan, Niamh How State policy helped create a fertile gangland breeding ground. (15 Aug 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Dowling, Enda Elton's cash finally funding 130 needle exchange programmes. (13 Aug 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Barrett, David UK rail companies ban e-cigarettes from trains and stations. (12 Aug 2013)

[Irish Independent] , O'Sullivan, Majella Lifeguards pluck 559 struggling swimmers from the water in July alone. (09 Aug 2013)

[Irish Independent] Uruguay set to legalise marijuana. (01 Aug 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Saul, Heather The video that shows why trains and booze don't mix. (01 Aug 2013)

[Irish Independent] , McDonald, Dearbhail Three-quarters of jailed women endured violence, abuse. (30 Jul 2013)

[Irish Independent] , O'Halloran, Georgina Alcohol is a factor in many fatal assaults, says forensic experts. (29 Jul 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Heffernan, Breda Call on ban on below cost drink sales. (29 Jul 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Kelly, Fiach Smoking ban moves to outside schools, creches. (29 Jul 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Sheahan, Fionnan Australia's alcopops tax being examined as alternative to alcohol sponsorship. (28 Jul 2013)

[Irish Independent] Community group leads fight against drugs. (17 Jul 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Brady, Tom Counterfeit alcohol seized by customs in online probe. (13 Jul 2013)

[Irish Independent] Prosecution for possession of drugs falls off. (13 Jul 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Cusack, Jim Republicans and loyalists linked to deadly drug. (07 Jul 2013)

[Irish Independent] Editorial. It's time to face the truth about our drinking. (01 Jun 2013)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Mums-to-be are playing "Russian roulette" with alcohol. (01 Jun 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Melia, Paul One person a day dying from effects of drinking. (01 Jun 2013)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Young women's drinking level 'scary'. (01 Jun 2013)

[Irish Independent] Breathalyser inventor who revolutionised the war on drink-driving. (19 Jan 2013)

[Irish Independent] 'Brewer's droop' can affect men in the bedroom for months. (19 Jan 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Lynch, Declan Declan Lynch: Dry spells feed the addict's delusion of being in control. (06 Jan 2013)

[Irish Independent] Women run day-to-day criminal business of leading drugs gangs. (06 Jan 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Melia, Paul 2.5m tablets seized as more people buy online. (05 Jan 2013)

[Irish Independent] , Adams, Stephen Even a tipple a day is one too many – warning from doctors. (02 Jan 2013)

[Irish Independent] New Year dieters warned of calorie count in alcohol. (02 Jan 2013)

[Irish Independent] 'Ambulance for drinkers' plan put on hold. (24 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , Ryan, Philip Sex assaults and drug offences also quashed by gardai. (23 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] NI Street-level crime maps launched. (17 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , Cusack, Jim Violence blights flagship project as teens battle over drugs trade. (16 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Cannabis spray 'no aid to MS muscle spasms'. (13 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , Kelly, Fiach Varadkar hits back at Shortall over claims FG blocked alcohol reforms. (13 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , Riegel, Ralph and Brady, Tom Gardai seek to prove triad link to cannabis growhouses. (12 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , von Radowitz, John Addiction gene linked to binge-drinking. (04 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , Riley-Smith, Ben Parental link to young drinkers. (04 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , Kelly, Fiach Medicinal cannabis available here in the next year. (01 Dec 2012)

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