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Citywide. (2020) Current trends in drug use presentations. In: Current trends in drug use, 18 November 2020, Webinar.

[Citywide] Citywide pre-budget Submission. (15 Oct 2020)

Citywide. (2020) Community sector submission to rapid assessment of impact of Covid on NDS. Dublin: Citywide.

[Citywide] Citywide Drugs Crisis Campaign-Manifesto for General Election 2020. (24 Jan 2020)

[Citywide] Open letter to Taoiseach July 2019. (16 Jul 2019)

Citywide. (2018) Citywide: Frequently asked questions on decriminalisation of drug use. Dublin: Citywide.

Citywide. (2018) NDS briefing for Public Representatives April 2018. Dublin: Citywide.

Citywide. (2018) Stop the stigma campaign. Dublin: Citywide.

[Citywide] Press release on the launch of the new national drugs strategy (NDS). (Jul 2017)

Citywide. (2016) Implementing a health led approach to drug use - speakers notes. In: Implementing a health led approach to drug use - what does it mean?, 17 November 2016, Citywide, Dublin.

[Citywide] Citywide welcomes comments from an Taoiseach that he is giving consideration to appointing a Junior Minister with responsibility for the National Drugs Strategy. (07 Mar 2015)

Citywide. (2015) Citywide 20th anniversary conference. In: Communities and drugs -Developing a drugs policy that works, 12 November 2015, Croke Park.

Citywide. (2014) Drug rehabilitation projects videos: Lifelines & value and support & future.

Citywide. (2014) Barriers or bridges? Drug rehabilitation projects – the road to recovery. Dublin: Citywide.

Citywide. (2014) Submission to the Oireachtas Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality on the effects of gangland crime on communities. Dublin: Citywide.

Citywide. (2013) Citywide conference report on criminalising addiction: is there another way? Dublin: Citywide.

Citywide. (2013) Citywide seminar report on drug-related intimidation in communities. Dublin: Citywide.

Citywide. (2013) Decriminalisation: A new direction for drugs policy? Dublin: Citywide.

Citywide. (2012) Multi-agency work with clients who have a dual diagnosis. Seminar report. Dublin: Citywide.

Citywide. (2012) Results of survey: Impact of Budget 2012 changes in community employment 'Income disregard'. Dublin: Citywide.

[Citywide] Citywide letter to Minister Shothall - reverse the cuts! (08 Feb 2012)

[Citywide] Press Ombudsman upholds Citywide complaint. (13 Jun 2011)

Citywide. (2011) Citywide Drugs Crisis Campaign. Response to the programme for government, ‘Government for National Recovery 2011-2016’. Dublin: Citywide.

Citywide. (2011) Local Drug Task Force community reps. Information sheet. Dublin: Citywide.

Citywide. (2011) Regional Drug Task Force community reps. Information sheet. Dublin: Citywide.

Citywide. (2011) There is no recession in the drugs trade: posters. Citywide, Dublin.

Citywide. (2011) Working together - tackling intimidation. Dublin: Citywide.

[Citywide] CityWide demands Lord Mayor to clarify outrageous comments. (22 Sep 2010)

Citywide. [Citywide] Citywide submits to Review of the Methadone Treatment Protocol. (15 Jul 2010)

Citywide. (2010) CityWide conference report. A community drug problem - defining the problem - defending the responses. Dublin: Citywide.

Citywide. (2010) Community drugs problem conference. Opening address by Minister Pat Carey. In: Community drugs problem: defining the problem - defending the responses conference, 15 October 2010, Dublin.

Citywide. (2008) Directory of community drugs projects working with individuals within Irish prisons and post release services. Dublin: Citywide.

Citywide. (2008) LDTF/RDTF community reps seminar 2008. Dublin: Citywide.

[Citywide] Budget allocation for National Drugs Strategy. (07 Dec 2007)

Citywide. (2006) Cocaine in local communities: Citywide follow-up survey. Dublin: Citywide.

Citywide. (2005) Citywide Drugs Crisis Campaign: a decade of achievement. Review of work carried out between 1995-2005 and considerations of future plans and priorities. Dublin: Citywide.

Citywide. (2005) Drug rehabilitation: a view from the community. Dublin: Citywide.

Citywide. (2004) Citywide Drugs Crisis Campaign: cocaine in local communities. Dublin: Citywide.

Citywide. (2004) Citywide Family Support Network resource pack: a handbook for families dealing with drug use. Dublin: Citywide.

Citywide. (2004) Citywide Family Support Network: Supporting grandparents supporting children. Report on the consultation with a number of carers involved in family support groups in the Greater Dublin Area. Dublin: Citywide.

Citywide. (2004) CityWide Update for 2004. 1 , (1-3) Dublin: Citywide.

Citywide. (2004) Mid-term review of the National Drugs Strategy: submission from Citywide Drugs Crisis Campaign. Dublin: Citywide.

Citywide. (2003) The drugs crisis in local communities. Report from a meeting held by Citywide Drugs Crisis Campaign September 11th 2003. Dublin: Citywide.

Citywide. (2003) Presentations to the Citywide cocaine seminar, March 2003. Dublin: Citywide.

Citywide, Athru Education & Training. (2002) Citywide and Athru Education & Training submission to the NDST CE Working Group. Dublin: Citywide.

Citywide. (2002) Citywide policy document 2002. Dublin: Citywide.

Citywide. (2001) Briefing document for conference participants. In: Communities, families and drug users- Their role in the implementation of the new Drugs Strategy 2001-2008. (Unpublished)

Citywide. (2000) "Forget-me-nots among the snows": service of commemoration of hope, organised by Citywide and the Dublin Family Support Networks: evaluation report. Dublin: Citywide.

Citywide. (1999) Citywide policy document 1999. Dublin: Citywide.

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