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Citywide. (2018) Stop the stigma campaign. Dublin: Citywide.

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URL: http://stopthestigma.ie/

Stigma experienced by people who use drugs prevents many from seeking help and support, making it extremely difficult for people to move beyond their addiction and pushing them into further isolation and danger, according to research underpinning Ireland’s first campaign to address drug related stigma. This Citywide campaign aims to break down stigma, to shift attitudes and to move towards a situation where people who use drugs are treated with respect and dignity.

Date:February 2018
Pages:16 p.
Corporate Creators:Citywide
Place of Publication:Dublin
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Subjects:F Concepts in psychology > Attitude and behaviour > Attitude toward substance use > Attitude toward person who uses substances (user)
MA-ML Social science, culture and community > Sociocultural aspects of substance use > Societal attitude toward substance use
MA-ML Social science, culture and community > Sociocultural discrimination concepts > Prejudice (stigma / discrimination)
N Communication, information and education > Message (portrayal of substance use)
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