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Citywide. (2005) Drug rehabilitation: a view from the community. Dublin: Citywide.

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The Mid-term Review of the National Drugs Strategy agreed that rehabilitation should become the fifth pillar of the Strategy. A Working Group has been set up to develop a strategy for the provision of integrated drug rehabilitation services.

Citywide is represented on the group and one of our main priorities is to ensure that the rehabilitation strategy takes into account and builds on the extensive experience of local community organisations in delivering rehabilitation programmes, in particular through CE Special Drug Projects.

In order to contribute to the development of a strategy for the provision of an integrated drug rehabilitation service we have produced this document which is formed of three parts:
• The first outlines key Actions in the National Drugs Strategy and issues around their implementation
• Part 2 outlines the results of a Citywide survey undertaken in July of this year that gives an overview of the work that Special CE Projects are doing on a day to day basis, the type of programmes being delivered, the supports offered, the gaps in the services on offer and how these gaps might be filled.
• The final part of this document outlines the key elements of a model for a Drug Rehabilitation Service that is community-based, integrated, multi agency and client centred.

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