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Trimbos Instituut: Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction. (2020) National drug monitor 2019. English summary. Amsterdam: Trimbos-instituut.

PDF (Netherlands - National Drug Monitor 2019)

The Annual report of the National Drug Monitor (NDM) contains trends, figures and facts about the use of and damage caused by alcohol, tobacco and drugs and about drug-related crime in the Netherlands. You can read the most important facts in the English summary of the Annual report. Some of the highlights of the National Drug Monitor 2019. 

In 2018, over a million adults in the Netherlands used cannabis in the past year. The use of cocaine, ecstasy and amphetamine in the Netherlands remains well above the European average. Almost 1 in 3 users of sleeping pills and tranquilizers and almost half of the users of ADHD medicines do not (only) take these drugs on a doctor's prescription. In 2018, the number of reported dumping sites for chemical waste increased further. At the Public Prosecution Service, the number of cases related to hard drugs was for the first time greater than the number of soft drug related cases. 

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