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International research

Alcohol Concern, Alcohol Research UK. (2018) Fit for purpose? An analysis of the role of the Portman Group in alcohol industry self-regulation. London: Alcohol Concern and Alcohol Research UK. 44 p.

Brown, Rachel and Trickey, Heather [Alcohol Research UK] . (2018) Devising and communicating public health alcohol guidance for expectant and new mothers: a scoping report. London: Alcohol Concern Cymru. 51 p.

Alcohol Concern, Alcohol Research UK. (2018) Tackling alcohol-related anti-social behaviour through Civil Injunctions and Criminal Behaviour Orders: a missed opportunity? London: Alcohol Concern and Alcohol Research UK. 20 p.

Halliday, Kate and Brinksman, Steve [Alcohol Research UK] . (2018) Supporting nurse mentors to reduce the barriers to implementing alcohol Interventions and Brief Advice (IBA) in primary care. London: Alcohol research UK. 19 p.

Andersson, Catrin and Best, David and Irving, Jamie and Edwards, Michael and Banks, James and Mama-Rudd, Adam and Hamer, Rebecca [Alcohol Research UK] . (2018) Understanding recovery from a family perspective: a survey of life in recovery for families. London: Alcohol research UK. 74 p.

Alcohol Research UK. (2017) Public involvement in alcohol research. London: Alcohol Research UK. 27 p.

Ross-Houle, Kim and Venturas, Collette and Bradbury, Andrew and Porcellato, Lorna [Alcohol Research UK] . (2017) An exploration of the role of alcohol in relation to living situation and significant life events for the homeless population in Merseyside, UK. London: Alcohol Research UK. 42 p.

Neale, Joanne and Parkman, Tom and Day, Ed and Drummond, Colin [Alcohol Research UK] . (2017) Socio-demographic characteristics and stereotyping of people who frequently attend accident and emergency departments for alcohol-related reasons: qualitative study. Taylor & Francis. Drugs: Education Prevention and Policy, 24 (1) 7 p. DOI:10.1080/09687637.2016.1185091

Thom, Betsy and Herring, Rachel and Luger, Lisa and Annand, Fizz [Alcohol Research UK] . (2016) Delivering alcohol IBA (identification and brief advice): broadening the base from health to non-health contexts. Alcohol Research UK. 24 p. Alcohol Insight Number 116

Thom, Betsy and Herring, Rachel and Bayley, Marianna and Hafford-Letchfield, Trish [Alcohol Research UK] . (2016) Delivering alcohol IBA in housing, probation and social work settings: opportunities and constraints. Middlesex: Alcohol Research UK and Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, Middlesex University. 76 p.

Neale, Joanne and Parkman, Tom and Day, Ed and Drummond, Colin [Alcohol Research UK] . (2016) Frequent attenders to accident and emergency departments: a qualitative study of individuals who repeatedly present with alcohol-related health conditions. London: Alcohol Research UK. 5 p. Alcohol Insight Number 0134

Holmes, John and Lovatt, Melanie and Ally, Abdallah and Brennan, Alan and Meier, Petra [Alcohol Research UK] . (2016) A new approach to measuring drinking cultures in Britain. London: Alcohol Research UK. 77 p.

Alcohol Research UK. (2016) Researching alcohol harm: 30 years of impact. London: Alcohol Research UK. 28 p.

Galvani, Sarah and Livingston, Wulf and Morgan, Hannah and Wadd, Sarah [Alcohol Research UK] . (2014) Substance use and sight loss: a guide for professionals. London: Alcohol Research UK. 123 p. Alcohol insight number 118

Higgins, Kathryn and McCann, Mark and McLaughlin, Aisling and McCartan, Claire and Perra, Oliver [Alcohol Research UK] . (2013) Investigating parental monitoring, school and family influences on adolescent alcohol use. London: Alcohol Research UK. 92 p.

Dowds, Julie and McCluskey, Steven [Alcohol Research UK] . (2011) Getting the measure: an evaluation of Alcohol Intervention (AI) training and resources for frontline staff working in the homelessness sector. Edinburgh: Cyrenians.

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