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Thom, Betsy and Herring, Rachel and Luger, Lisa and Annand, Fizz [Alcohol Research UK] . (2016) Delivering alcohol IBA (identification and brief advice): broadening the base from health to non-health contexts. Alcohol Research UK. 24 p. Alcohol Insight Number 116

PDF (The role of training in delivering alcohol IBA in non-medical settings: broadening the base of IBA delivery.)

URL: http://alcoholresearchuk.org/alcohol-insights/deli...

Key findings:
• There is sufficient evidence to support current optimism about the potential for alcohol IBA to be delivered in a range of health and non-health settings
• Online IBA models have potential to reach individuals who may not access health or support services.
• Organisational, professional and context- specific challenges impede implementation and, in particular, the sustainability of initiatives over the longer term
• Training has an important role to play in improving the knowledge and skills level of staff; however, on its own, it does not guarantee delivery of IBA
• Evaluation and monitoring should be built in to new initiatives to ensure appropriate use of resources and to promote a culture of learning from practice

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Item Type:Evidence resource
Drug Type:Alcohol
Intervention Type:AOD disorder harm reduction, Screening
Source:Alcohol Research UK
Date:July 2016
Pages:24 p.
Publisher:Alcohol Research UK
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