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Delmar, Niamh (2022) Sober curious? A psychologist's tips for cutting down on alcohol. RTE LIfestyle,


[RTE News] , Foucart, Renaud What Ireland's smoking ban 20 years on shows us about human behaviour. (26 Mar 2024)

[RTE News] , Burnhill, Eleanor Arrival of synthetic drugs causing mental health concerns, says HSE. (05 Jan 2024)

[RTE News] , Burnhill, Eleanor Increase in synthetic drugs led to multiple overdoses last year, says HSE. (04 Jan 2024)

[RTE News] , Reynolds, Paul Cocaine use by the well-off is fuelling violent crime, say gardaí. (27 Dec 2023)

[RTE News] , Reynolds, Paul Drugs increasingly disguised as confectionery - Forensic Science Ireland. (15 Dec 2023)

[RTE News] , Cummins, Barry 'A blizzard': Regional services fear growing scale of cocaine use. (31 Oct 2023)

[RTE News] , Conneely, Ailbhe Citizens' Assembly votes for health-led approach to drug use. (21 Oct 2023)

[RTE News] , Byrne, Louise Fentanyl: Could the killer drug reach our streets? (17 Oct 2023)

[RTE News] , Lehane, Micheal Mandatory drug testing of drivers involved in serious collisions. (15 Sep 2023)

[RTE News] , Cunningham, Paul Citizens' Assembly on drugs could make way for radical shake-up. (19 Feb 2023)

[RTE News] IRFU opt against Aviva alcohol ban for Six Nations. (16 Jan 2023)

[RTE News] , McCarthy, Justin Laughing gas abuse leading to neurological damage. (05 Dec 2022)

[RTE News] , Spain, Sinead Why some politicians want decriminalisation of drugs. (04 Dec 2022)

[RTE News] , O'Callaghan, Daniel and Lambert, Sharon Supports needed for Irish families mourning drug-related deaths. (12 May 2022)

[RTE News] , Martyn, Petula Gambling firms are betting on ethical change. (06 Mar 2022)

[RTE News] , McMorrow, Conor Paddy Power founder: Gambling a 'major social problem' . (08 Jul 2021)

[RTE News] , Hunt, Conor Charity concerned over number of crack cocaine users. (11 Jun 2021)

[RTE News] , Byrne, Claire Should drug bust money be used to help our addicts recover? (02 Dec 2020)

[RTE News] , Hogan, Laura Covid-19 infections rose in counties where pubs reopened - study. (29 Nov 2020)

[RTE News] , Tobin, Sharon Addiction services see major increase in demand. (25 Nov 2020)

[RTE News] , Conneely, Ailbhe Relief as support meeting numbers not limited to 6. (09 Sep 2020)

[RTE News] , Kilraine, John Rise in number of people seeking treatment for serious alcohol abuse. (28 Jul 2020)

[RTE News] Warning of virus spike after 'predictable' street drinking scenes. (06 Jul 2020)

[RTE News] Government confirms junior minister portfolios. (02 Jul 2020)

[RTE News] , Conneely, Ailbhe Govt urged to keep homeless accommodation in place. (24 Jun 2020)

[RTE News] , Bowers, Fergal Pandemic swells demand for addiction support services. (11 Jun 2020)

[RTE News] , Conneely, Ailbhe Ireland's homeless: 'The lost souls of the pandemic'. (20 May 2020)

[RTE News] €500m worth of drugs seized during pandemic. (18 May 2020)

[RTE News] Gardaí issue drug warning following Offaly deaths. (28 Apr 2020)

[RTE News] , Mauger, Alice The rise, fall and debunking of the 'drunken Irish' stereotype. (11 Mar 2020)

[RTE News] MQI granted planning permission for drug injection centre. (24 Dec 2019)

[RTE News] , Reynolds, Paul Improved economy behind increase in drug gang activities - O'Driscoll. (22 Dec 2019)

[RTE News] , O'Cionnaith, Fiachra 113 babies born addicted to or affected by drugs in 2018. (02 Dec 2019)

[RTE News] , Conneely, Ailbhe Minister to seek approval on minimum pricing for alcohol. (16 Oct 2019)

[RTE News] , Kilraine, John Decision on drug injection centre 'reprehensible', says MQI . (04 Oct 2019)

[RTE News] , Kilraine, John 'Huge rise' in drug use by people in emergency accommodation. (01 Oct 2019)

[RTE News] , Kilraine, John Dublin 100-bed addiction treatment facility gets go-ahead. (26 Sep 2019)

[RTE News] 'War on drugs' may harm the world's poorest - report. (11 Jul 2019)

[RTE News] , Corrigan, Conn The hidden side of benzo use uncovered. (08 Mar 2019)

[RTE News] , Corrigan, Conn Sharp regional variations in benzo prescribing. (07 Mar 2019)

[RTE News] , Corrigan, Conn Revealed: Massive rise in antidepressant prescribing. (06 Mar 2019)

[RTE News] , Kenny, Aisling Bills set to tackle online gambling targeting children. (11 Jan 2019)

[RTE News] , Kenny, Aisling Crack cocaine now more commonly abused than heroin, says drugs service. (02 Nov 2018)

[RTE News] , Kilraine, John Dublin drug injection centre planning application set for October. (14 Sep 2018)

[RTE News] , Reynolds, Paul CAB investigation gives rare insight into how business of crime works. (04 Aug 2018)

[RTE News] , Connolly, Rachel Drink and drug use contributing to anti-social behavior. (25 Jul 2018)

[RTE News] , Lehane, Micheal Bitter exchanges in Dáil over 'filibustering' claims on drink-driving laws. (06 Jul 2018)

[RTE News] , Lehane, Micheal Drink-drive legislation passed after heated Dáil row. (06 Jul 2018)

[RTE News] Decriminalisation of cannabis is 'under consideration' - Taoiseach. (22 Jun 2018)

[RTE News] Estimated one billion people smoke worldwide. (31 May 2018)

[RTE News] , McMorrow, Conor TD calls for 'DIY' alcohol breath testing kits to be supplied to rural pubs. (31 May 2018)

[RTE News] , Lehane, Micheal Cabinet to consider new proposals to lower legal alcohol limits for train and tram drivers. (22 May 2018)

[RTE News] , Cummins, Barry Drugs still being dealt on Dublin rickshaws despite garda clampdown. (11 May 2018)

[RTE News] , Bowers, Fergal Mental health report calls for less reliance on medication. (26 Apr 2018)

[RTE News] Tender for drug injection centre expected in February. (01 Feb 2018)

[RTE News] Increased drink-drive penalties passed in Dáil vote. (18 Jan 2018)

[RTE News] Planning permission needed for Dublin drug injection centre, says city council. (24 Nov 2017)

[RTE News] City centre injection rooms to require planning permission. (10 Nov 2017)

[RTE News] The HSE is considering operating Dublin's new drug injection centre itself. (20 Oct 2017)

[RTE News] Special report: The US opioid epidemic. (20 Oct 2017)

[RTE News] Research shows impact of drugs and alcohol on health of homeless people. (28 Sep 2017)

[RTE News] HSE meets businesses over Dublin injecting facility. (19 Jul 2017)

[RTE News] Student smartphone addiction revealed by survey. (23 May 2017)

[RTE News] HPRA backs limited access to medicinal cannabis. (07 Mar 2017)

[RTE News] Report recommends use of medicinal cannabis. (10 Feb 2017)

[RTE News] Supervised injecting facilities approved at Cabinet. (07 Feb 2017)

[RTE News] Increased use of e-cigarettes would assist smokers to quit, study finds. (05 Jan 2017)

[RTE News] 40 arrested on suspicion of drink-driving in two days. (21 Dec 2016)

[RTE News] Minimum unit pricing for alcohol will affect 14% of drinkers - study. (24 Nov 2016)

[RTE News] EU says court action 'could have bearing' on alcohol bill. (27 Sep 2016)

[RTE News] Fewer Irish teens drinking and smoking - report. (20 Sep 2016)

[RTE News] Driver Theory Test to feature drink driving questions. (08 Sep 2016)

[RTE News] Antidote drug pilot programme may be extended. (31 Aug 2016)

[RTE News] Human rights groups alarmed over extrajudicial killings in Philippines crackdown. (17 Aug 2016)

[RTE News] Bill to legalise medicinal cannabis tabled in Dáil. (21 Jul 2016)

[RTE News] Majority of drug users do not report attacks - report. (16 Feb 2016)

[RTE News] HIQA to carry out review of smoking interventions. (12 Jan 2016)

[RTE News] Donohoe proposes stronger laws on drug driving. (15 Dec 2015)

[RTE News] Scientists warn over chemicals found in e-cigarettes. (09 Dec 2015)

[RTE News] Should drug addicts have a safe place to inject? (04 Oct 2015)

[RTE News] Chemicals in tobacco 'linked' to psychosis. (10 Jul 2015)

[RTE News] Oireachtas members told of deaths from 'legal highs'. (09 Jul 2015)

[RTE News] Tablets and capsules worth over €430,000 seized. (18 Jun 2015)

[RTE News] Disadvantaged women more likely to smoke. (29 May 2015)

[RTE News] One person per day dies from a drug overdose, says Merchants Quay Ireland. (03 Mar 2015)

[RTE News] Study: 50% of children link beer brands to sports. (05 Feb 2015)

[RTE News] Proposal to end alcohol sponsorship of sports events to be dropped. (23 Jan 2015)

[RTE News] Call to set up injection facility in Dublin city centre. (16 Dec 2014)

[RTE News] Prime Time reporter Barry Cummins blogs about Ireland's young drinkers. (02 Dec 2014)

[RTE News] Criminal gangs involved in selling fake medicines. (19 Nov 2014)

[RTE News] [Young] Daily cannabis users risk health and achievement - study. (10 Sep 2014)

[RTE News] 30 people held in garda drug raids. (19 Aug 2014)

[RTE News] Number of rough sleepers in Dublin up 50% since April. (03 Dec 2013)

[RTE News] Govt to set limit for minimum price for alcohol. (24 Oct 2013)

[RTE News] Dublin Mayor wants mobile injection facility for addicts. (23 Oct 2013)

[RTE News] Call for taxes on off-licence sector to increase. (23 Aug 2013)

[RTE News] Oireachtas committee opposes ending sponsorship of sports events by drinks companies. (16 Jun 2013)

[RTE News] Doctors in warning over alcohol abuse. (23 Apr 2013)

[RTE News] Doctors call for action to be taken against cut-price alcohol. (12 Apr 2013)

[RTE News] Imprisoned gang leader convicted of drug charges. (12 Feb 2013)

[RTE News] Garda Commissioner says 25 gangs are operating in the State. (21 Nov 2012)

[RTE News] Number of addiction centre agency nurses halved. (30 Oct 2012)

[RTE News] Two Cork deaths linked to strong batch of heroin. (05 Oct 2012)

[RTE News] Review of term for drugs offences recommended. (19 Jan 2012)

[RTE News] Report: 120,000 will have psychotic episode. (18 Jan 2012)

[RTE News] Sinn Féin wants refocus on drugs crisis. (16 Nov 2011)

[RTE News] 60 cannabis grow houses found in ten months. (20 Apr 2011)

RTE News. [RTE News] Long-term patients taking inappropriate drugs. (06 Apr 2011)

RTE News. [RTE News] New poisons helpline launched. (10 Jan 2011)

RTE News. [RTE News] Alcohol-related deaths increase in Northern Ireland. (17 Dec 2010)

[RTE News] No safe level of tobacco exposure - study. (09 Dec 2010)

RTE News. [RTE News] Mountjoy zero drugs policy working - Governor. (23 Aug 2010)

[RTE News] New drug prevention measure at Mountjoy. (22 Aug 2010)

[RTE News] 44 headshops now operating in Ireland. (02 Jul 2010)

[RTE News] Dramatic increase in 'head shops'. (26 Jan 2010)

[RTE News] Irish gangs sourcing heroin from Pakistan. (22 Oct 2009)

[RTE News] Call to make drugs an election issue. (16 Apr 2007)

[RTE News] Six heroin-related deaths investigated. (02 Dec 2006)

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