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[RTE News] Call to make drugs an election issue. (16 Apr 2007)

External website: http://www.rte.ie/news/2007/0416/drugs.html

The CityWide Drugs Crisis Campaign said that urgent action is needed to tackle the increasing supply of heroin and the major growth in cocaine use across the country. Group coordinator Anna Quigley said that drugs were now a major problem in towns throughout the country as well as in cities. She said she wanted to see a senior Government minister be given sole responsibility for the national drugs strategy.

As well as calling for a ministerial post with sole responsibility for the national drugs strategy, Citywide is calling for: • Full implementation of the national drugs strategy before it expires next year; • Adequate budgets for the local and regional drugs taskforces; • Money to provide sufficient rehabilitation services; • The establishment of local community policing forums; • A commitment from government to re-engage with local community groups, • Provide support for families affected by drugs.

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