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Adfam. (2023) State of the family support sector. London: Adfam.

Adfam. (2023) Combating drugs partnerships. London: Adfam.

Adfam. (2023) The effects of the cost of living crisis on families and friends of someone with a substance use problem. London: Adfam.

Adfam. (2022) Families and gambling: a resource toolkit for working with families affected by gambling. London: Adfam.

Adfam. (2022) Helping families and friends negatively affected by gambling: policy and practice recommendations from Adfam’s research. London: Adfam.

Adfam. (2021) Overlooked: why we should be doing more to support families and friends affected by someone else's drinking, drug use or gambling. London: Adfam.

Adfam. (2021) Toolkit for practitioners supporting families affected by someone else's co-occurring mental ill-health and substance misuse conditions (dual diagnosis). London: Adfam.

Adfam. (2020) Families in lockdown. The effects of the COVID-19 lockdown on the family and friends of someone with an alcohol, drugs or gambling problem. London: Adfam.

Adfam. (2020) State of the sector 2019. Drug and alcohol family support. London: Adfam.

Adfam. (2020) Families, substance use and mental health. London: Adfam.

Adfam. (2019) Chemsex more than just sex and drugs. London: Adfam.

Adfam. (2018) Changing lives: using peer support to promote access to services for family members affected by someone else’s drug or alcohol use. London: Adfam.

Adfam. (2017) When parents take drugs. London: Adfam.

Adfam. (2017) “No one judges you here". Voices of older people affected by a loved one’s substance use. London: Adfam.

Adfam. (2017) ‘Marks and scars’ Hepatitis C and people who inject drugs: the family experience. London: Adfam.

Adfam. (2017) Top tips: what helps us family members share their experience. London: Adfam.

Adfam. (2016) Housing and recovery. United Kingdom: Recovery Partnership.

ADFAM. (2015) Medications in drug treatment: tackling the risks to children - one year on. London: Adfam.

Adfam. (2012) Challenging stigma: tackling the prejudice experienced by the families of drug and alcohol users. London: Adfam.

Adfam, Against Violence and Abuse. (2012) Between a rock and a hard place. How parents deal with children who use substances and perpetrate abuse. Project report. London: Adfam and Against Violence and Abuse.

Adfam. (2012) Supporting families affected by drug and alcohol use: Adfam evidence pack. London: Adfam.

Adfam. (2011) A partnership approach: supporting families with multiple needs. London: Adfam.

Adfam. (2011) Working with grandparents raising their grandchildren due to parental substance use. London: Adfam.

Adfam. (2010) Including diverse families: good practice guidelines. London: Adfam.

Galvani, Sarah (2010) Supporting families affected by substance use and domestic violence. London: Adfam, University of Bedfordshire and Stella Project.

Adfam, Drugscope. (2009) Recovery and drug dependency: a new deal for families. London: Adfam.

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