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Adfam. (2020) State of the sector 2019. Drug and alcohol family support. London: Adfam.

PDF (Adfam family support 2019)

Almost one in three adults in Great Britain have been negatively affected by the substance use of someone they know, and one in ten describe themselves as currently affected. The impacts of this can be severe, and include mental ill-health, violence and abuse, relationship difficulties, financial strain, and stigma. Providing support to families has been shown to improve the chances that their loved one will enter, and remain in, treatment. But equally important is the right to support for themselves. Adfam’s State of the Sector Family Support Survey aims to shine a light on current circumstances and practice. This gives valuable insight into current trends, developments, strengths and challenges facing those working to support these often-neglected family members.

Adfam surveyed 117 practitioners and managers working in family support services in England between December 2018 and February 2019. We sought to explore a range of themes including commissioning, funding, family needs, partnership working, and service delivery.

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