Some key documents

(2017) Drug-related intimidation. The Irish situation and international responses: an evidence review. Full text

This evidence review critically appraises the national and international evidence to identify best practice, community-based responses.


(2016) EU drug markets report: in-depth analysis. Full text / summary

In this report we present cross-cutting themes that help us understand the illicit drug market.


(2016) Illicit trade 2015-2016: implications for the Irish economy Full text

This report looks in detail at the growing threat of illicit trade in the following areas, alcohol, tobacco & pharmaceuticals counterfeiting.


(2014) Alcohol’s harm to others in Ireland. Full text


(2014) Tackling youth crime – youth justice action plan, 2014-2018. Full text

A number of young people in Ireland every year require targeted, strategic attention because their behaviour has led to their involvement in the youth justice system. These young people are the focus of this plan.


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