Law enforcement

Some key documents

 (2023) The Greentown project: building evidence to inform intervention design for juveniles caught-up in local criminal networks. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology


(2022) Understanding and addressing anti-social behaviour: a rapid evidence review. Department of Justice


(2021) Debts, threats, distress and hope: towards understanding drug-related intimidation in Dublin’s North East Inner City.  Ana Liffey Drug Project


(2020) Research papers on spent convictions. Department of Justice


(2020) Lifting the lid on Redtown: a replication case study, which investigates the contribution of engagement in a local criminal network to young people’s more serious and persistent offending patterns. University of Limerick


(2019) Evaluation of the Bail Supervision Scheme for Children (pilot scheme). Department of Children and Youth Affairs


(2019) The drug economy and youth interventions: an exploratory research project on working with young people involved in the illegal drugs trade. Citywide


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