Some key documents

(2023) The Greentown project: building evidence to inform intervention design for juveniles caught-up in local criminal networks. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology


(2022) Report on an examination of the present approach to sanctions for possession of certain amounts of drugs for personal use. House of the Oireachtas.


(2021) Ireland: national report  - drug markets and crime chapter. Health Research Board


 (2020) Safety in numbers: an evaluation of Community Crime Impact Assessment (CCIA) pilot projects. Citywide.


(2019) Report of the working group to consider alternative approaches to the possession of drugs for personal use. Department of Health and Department of Justice and Equality.


(2019) Review of approaches taken in Ireland and in other jurisdictions to simple possession drug offences. A report for the Irish Department of Justice and Equality and the Department of Health. UNSW Australia and University of Kent


(2019) The drug economy and youth interventions: an exploratory research project on working with young people involved in the illegal drugs trade Citywide and summary


(2017) Drug-related intimidation. The Irish situation and international responses: an evidence review. Health Research Board

This evidence review critically appraises the national and international evidence to identify best practice, community-based responses.


(2019) EU drug markets report 2019 and summary.

In this report we present cross-cutting themes that help us understand the illicit drug market.


(2016) Illicit trade 2015-2016: implications for the Irish economy Grant Thornton

This report looks in detail at the growing threat of illicit trade in the following areas, alcohol, tobacco & pharmaceuticals counterfeiting.


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