Some key documents

(2018) Ireland: national report for 2017 - drug markets and crime. Full text


(2017) Drug-related intimidation. The Irish situation and international responses: an evidence review. Full text

This evidence review critically appraises the national and international evidence to identify best practice, community-based responses.


(2017) National prevalence study. Do the findings from the Greentown study of children’s involvement in criminal networks (2015) extend beyond Greentown? Interim report. Full text /summary


(2016) EU drug markets report: in-depth analysis. Full text / summary

In this report we present cross-cutting themes that help us understand the illicit drug market.


(2016) Illicit trade 2015-2016: implications for the Irish economy Full text

This report looks in detail at the growing threat of illicit trade in the following areas, alcohol, tobacco & pharmaceuticals counterfeiting.


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