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Bradshaw, John S (1982) [Drug misuse in Dublin, July 1982.]. (Unpublished) Dublin: Medico-Social Research Board.

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In this report for the Medico Social Research Board the author provides an overview of the drug problem in Dublin's inner city. On 12-14 July 1982 the author visited the Sean Mac Dermott street area of the inner city, the Eastern Health Board, Coolmine Community, Jervis Street Drug Advisory and Treatment Centre and the Garda drug squad. From these interviews, the author concludes that Dublin's inner city has a serious problem with drug use, in particular the injecting of heroin. Heroin addicts steal on a regular basis to fund their habit, and frequently inject themselves in public spaces of local authority flat complexes.

Despite the best efforts of the support services (Social workers, doctors, Gardai and clergy) there is a high prevalence of injecting heroin use. There has also been abuse of prescription services. Addicts frequently seek opiates from a small number of doctors who are willing to prescribe. Drug education is severely lacking or inappropriate, according to the author, and the Garda drug squad is severely over stretched. While cannabis use is said to be prevalent in Dublin's two universities, drug use has been most problematic in the deprived parts of the city. The author presents the drug epidemic, which has developed over the last two years, in moral terms, and wonders if Christian society, in particular the Catholic Church, and the health authorities can do anything to stop the crisis from worsening. Recommendations include; conducting epidemiological surveys to determine the true extent of the problem, cross disciplinary co-operation, greater drug awareness through education, and more rehabilitation units.

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