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Pobal acts as an intermediary for programmes funded by the Irish Government and the EU. We do this by supporting groups and communities across the country that are applying for, or receiving, funding for specific programmes. In practical terms, this can involve assessing funding applications, providing support, checking financial returns, processing payments, and auditing to ensure funds are used for the intended purposes.

Pobal Maps is a free Geographical Information System which provides a range of functions, such as area deprivation profiling, details on childcare services, plus a range of other funded services throughout the Republic of Ireland. For more detailed information about the system, plus user guides and tutorial videos, please visit the Resources section of the Pobal website.

Pobal HP Deprivation Indices - The Pobal HP Deprivation Index (Haase and Pratschke, 2017) is the core index for the Republic of Ireland and covers the  small areas (SA) of the 2006, 2011, 2016 and 2022 Censuses. The index is based on the combination of three dimensions of relative affluence and deprivation: Demographic Profile, Social Class Composition, Labour Market Situation. 

Deprivation Comparison - The Pobal HP Deprivation Index shows the level of overall affluence and deprivation of areas, and is updated for each census. This map-based swipe tool allows users to visually compare the HP Deprivation Index for 2022 against the 2016 HP Deprivation Index  even if there has been changes to boundaries.

Pobal Community Profile - Pobal has created an interactive infographic that allows users to explore the Pobal HP Deprivation Index and access the underlying data for different geographical regions. You can choose from options such as County, Electoral District, or Small Area to explore the index and its associated data.

Social Inclusion Maps - Pobal provides management and support services to 38 programmes on behalf of Government. The Pobal Social inclusion Map consists of the following layers to visualise and explore: Community Services Programme, Dormant Account Fund

Early Years Maps - Pobal administers a range of funding programmes and supports for the Early Learning and Care and School Aged Childcare sector on behalf of the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY). This Pobal Early Years Map allows you to view the location of over 4000 childcare services (community and private) including contact details and the Programmes they participate in.

Download Data - This app empowers users to easily retrieve the data displayed within the site's maps. You have the option to acquire the entire dataset from a map or engage with the map to selectively download data for your desired geographical region.

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