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Chairperson of the Dublin City Joint Policing Committee. (2022) Annual report of the Joint Policing Committees 2021. Dublin City Council. Dublin: Policing Authority. Report no.122/2022.

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Report of the Chairperson of the Dublin City Joint Policing Committee To the Lord Mayor and Members of Dublin City Council. Section 36 of the Garda Síochána Act 2005 provided for the establishment in 2006 of Joint Policing Committees (JPCs) in each Local Authority. In Dublin City, this consisted of both a Citywide Joint Policing Committee and five Area Subcommittees corresponding with the five operational areas of the City Council. 

A Strategy Document was originally prepared for the Council term 2019-2024, with the objective of having each of the 6 Joint Policing Committees focus primarily on 3 key issues for the duration. Owing to the fact that the JPC structure is currently under review, and the recent establishment of a 2-year Pilot Community Safety Partnership in the North Inner City Electoral Area which, it is envisaged, will replace the Joint Policing Committee in that area going forward (Appendix 1 refers), it has been decided to retain these objectives for the foreseeable until such changes come into effect. These objections are listed as follows:

Three high priority issues for Dublin City six-year (2019-2024) strategic plan:
1. Community Safety / Confidence-building
2. Antisocial Behaviour – Housing Estates
3. Street Crime

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