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National Poisons Information Centre. (2021) National Poisons Information Centre annual report 2020. Dublin: National Poisons Information Centre.

PDF (National Poisons Information Centre annual report 2020)

In 2020, NPIC received a total of 11,687 enquiries representing a 1.25% decrease on enquiries received in 2019.

  • 97.4% enquiries related to human poisoning
  • The busiest month was March and the busiest times of the day were from 4pm to 9pm

Poisoning circumstances

  • 67.6% enquiries related to accidental poisonings
  • 15.7% enquiries were due to medication errors
  • 10.9% enquiries were for intentional poisonings
  • 1% enquiries related to recreational drug abuse
  • 0.5% enquiries concerned adverse reactions
  • 2.5% enquiries related to other circumstances
  • Circumstances were unknown for 1.8% enquiries

P. 17. There were 191 enquiries relating to 12 categories of poisoning with drugs of abuse. The main drugs of abuse included cocaine, heroin, cannabinoids and amphetamines. In many cases, more than one drug of abuse was involved.

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