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Central Statistics Office. (2020) Statistical yearbook of Ireland 2020. Cork: Central Statistics Office.

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This presents a comprehensive picture of Ireland today based on statistics published by the Central Statistics Office throughout the year. There are links to our Statbank interactive tables across the publication which allow you to access more detailed information. Our colleagues from the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) have kindly supplied us with similar data relating to Northern Ireland. 

People: Explore the illustrated population infographics of each county and see what are the Top 3 occupational groups, the number of persons living alone in private households, the number of persons aged 65+ living in nursing homes. See life events such as births, marriages and deaths for 2019 and county specific COVID-19 information from the deaths and cases series up to 02 October 2020. The Life Events chapter contains most popular baby names and statistics on births, marriages and deaths by cause. 

Society: Find answers to common questions about Irish society such as employment and unemployment. What was Ireland's health expenditure 2018? How much do households pay in environmental taxes? How connected are the households of Ireland to the internet? What is the public perception of crime? What is the net expenditure on education? How much weekly disposable income do we have? What is the deprivation rate? What is the most common type of pension coverage? 

Business: Learn about retail trading and consumer spending behaviour, turnover and people employed in industry and services, electronic transactions and Internet usage by size of enterprise. We include a complete picture of house building & other construction, from planning permissions and construction to the Residential Property Price Index. See data on foreign and Irish multinationals in our Business in Ireland. 

Economy: Just how well is our economy doing? Information on National and International Accounts, the summary analysis of goods exports and imports, the national average price for items from the Consumer Price Index basket of goods, such as potatoes, bread and men's haircuts. What were the median weekly earnings by county? 

Tourism, Transport and Travel: Find out about the number of trips to and from Ireland. How many have been holidaying at home, how long was the length of the average holiday and what the nation spends on their holidays.? Also learn about Ireland’s top motors and the top 10 routes to and from Irish airports. Check out the results from the National Travel Survey 2019 and learn just how many of us walk or cycle and how far. 

Agriculture: Compare livestock numbers from 1849 to 2019, and see how the area under crops has fallen in the same time period. Learn how important milk and dairying are to farmers. Learn about farmer's operating surplus, purchases and sales of agriculture products and how they compare regionally. What is the average price of agricultural land in Ireland? 

COVID-19: The impact of COVID-19 on life in Ireland, including the effects on the areas of Health, Labour Market, Social & Well-being, covering COVID-19 related releases such as Comfort levels around the Easing of Restrictions, Employment and Life Effects of COVID-19. How are we spending our time on the internet? See what effect the pandemic has had on the economy and business such as on retail sales, debit and credit card usage, tourism, transport and fuel excise clearances. [Includes alcohol & tobacco consumption data]

Appendix 1 - Northern Ireland

Information on a selection of topics provided by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA). People and Society, Business and Economy, Transport, and Agriculture. 

Appendix 2 - Methodology for the sources of Yearbook information.

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