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PHSE Association. (2020) Drug and alcohol education resource pack. London: PHSE Association.

PDF (Drug and alcohol education - teacher guidance)
PDF (Drug and alcohol education - evidence review)

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The PSHE Association drug and alcohol schemes of work for key stages 1-4 have been developed for Public Health England. This resource pack includes lesson plans and resources for each key stage, as well as a comprehensive teacher guidance document, knowledge organisers and an evidence review of effective drug and alcohol education practice

These materials explore the facts, laws, risks and consequences associated with drug and alcohol use, as well as the dangers of household products and prescribed medications. They will equip pupils to manage influences and pressure, and provide them with the knowledge, understanding, attributes, and strategies to keep themselves healthy and safe.

Schools in England must now cover drug and alcohol education as part of statutory Health Education, Relationships Education/RSE requirements, so this pack will provide you with the materials you need to do so with confidence. Our mapping tables will allow you to identify where the lessons address this statutory content and relevant learning opportunities from the PSHE Association Programme of Study core themes. The accompanying evidence review provides an accessible overview of the evidence base for effective drug and alcohol education.

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