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(2020) Covid-19 - drug and alcohol surveys; evidence collection.

A number of surveys are monitoring changes in the drugs and alcohol area


CSO Ireland - Social impact of Covid-19 - change in consumption - 8 May 2020

CREW (Scotland) - Covid-19 and drug markets survey – month one summary - 6 May 2020

UCL, (UK) - COVID-19, smoking, and inequalities: a cross-sectional survey of adults in the UK

EMCDDA study - COVID-19 and drugs: drug supply via darknet markets

EMCDDA trendspotter: Impact of COVID-19 on drug services and help-seeking in Europe

NANOS (Canada) - Covid-19 and increased alcohol consumption: summary report (includes cannabis)

We are with you (UK) - YouGov Direct survey commissioned by We Are With You 

Irish Examiner / Drinkaware (Ireland) We're drinking more to cope with lockdown, survey finds - 18 May 2020
[Note Australian Bureau of Statistics, 18 May. 14 per cent said they are consuming more alcohol, and 10 per cent said they are consuming less]

Alcohol Change UK: Drinking during lockdown: headline results - 16 April 2020

FARE Australia report An alcohol ad every 35 seconds. A snapshot of how the alcohol industry is using a global pandemic as a marketing opportunity

Ongoing surveys:

EMCDDA - Mini-European Web Survey on Drugs (EWSD): Impact of COVID-19 on patterns of drug use, harms and drug services in the European Union

Alcohol Action Ireland - pan European survey to capture drinking behaviour during covid-19

Global Drugs Survey and - Has Covid-19 changed your relationship with alcohol or drugs? Global Drugs Survey special edition

CREW (Scotland) - Covid-19 and drug markets survey

University of Stirling (Scotland) - New study to explore the health impacts of COVID-19 on people who use drugs

UCL, London - Health behaviours during the COVID-19 Pandemic - survey

Release (UK) - Drug purchases impact survey

GT Research (UK) Trans-European Covid-19 and drug use survey phase 1: lockdown

Universitätsmedizin Berlin (Germany) - Corona drug survey

Adapt (Australia) - Australians' drug use: adapting to pandemic threats (ADAPT) study

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