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Winstock, Adam and Davies, Emma L and Gilchrist, Gail and Zhuparris, A and Ferris, Jason and Maier, Larissa and Barratt, Monica J (2020) GDS special edition on Covid-19 interim report global. Global drugs survey.

PDF (GDS interim report 2 June 2020)

External website: https://www.globaldrugsurvey.com/

This report is based on data from > 40,000 people who participated in the first 3 weeks of the special Covid-19 global drugs survey.

GDS is not a nationally representative sample, but our current project does represent one of the largest studies of drug use conducted during the Covid-19 pandemic. The findings can inform policy, health service development and, most importantly, provide people who use drugs with practical advice on how to keep healthy and minimize the harms associated with the use of psychoactive substances. Findings are preliminary and subject to change on further analyses. Throughout this report we provide some country comparisons on some key areas that may be of interest to our audience. Because the samples we have obtained from different countries vary considerably in size, demographics and drug use, these comparisons have to be treated with caution. The results do not necessarily represent the wider drug using community.

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