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(2021) Clinical and patient care research and harm reduction resources related to COVID-19.

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There are many free sources of research and information for those working with patients and communities affected by Covid-19. 

Sources relevant to people who use drugs and harm reduction services:

HSE Guidance on contingency planning for people who use drugs and Covid-19

HSE drugs.ie Covid-19 resource page and Corona virus and recovery

HSE drugs.ie Drug services during Covid-19

HSE drugs.ie Harm reduction advice for people who use drugs (includes poster resources)

HSE drugs.ie Dual diagnosis and Covid-19

HSE drugs.ie Why people who use drugs are at risk during Covid-19

HSE addiction pharmacists Letter 1:. Urgent communication regarding OST patients 2 p.

HSE Social inclusion Covid-19 sharing resources in addiction

HSE Social inclusion & Drug Treatment Centre Board Methadone take home information leaflet 2 p.

HSE Mental health supports and services during Coronavirus

HPSC & HSE Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for homeless and other vulnerable group settings

HPSC Health Protection Surveillance Centre patient care resources

HIQA Database of public health guidance on Covid-19

HIQA Rapid review of protective measures for vulnerable people

UISCE Covid-19 harm reduction resources from UISCE (advocacy group for people who use drugs).

HIV Ireland Covid-19 for people living with HIV

Irish Penal Reform Trust Covid-19 in prisons resource

HSE & USI Alcohol advise for third-level students during Covid-19

Alcohol Action Ireland There is little comfort in alcohol article and AAI coping skills advice and Silent voices

Alcohol Forum 'Don't get locked in' advice

Mental Health Reform Mental health services & supports during Covid-19

The Learning Curve Institute course Remote learning: managing & communicating in the Covid-19 crisis: psychological perspectives 

S.I. No. 99/2020 – Misuse of Drugs (Amendment) Regulations 2020.  


International sources

EMCDDA Covid-19 and people who use drugs and Best practice update: interventions for vulnerable populations

EMCDDA Resources on COVID-19 and the drug market

United Nations Statement by the UN expert on the right to health on the protection of people who use drugs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Society for the Study of Addiction (SSA) Bibliography on COVID-19 and addiction (weekly updated search from Pubmed)

SSA Addiction news and Webinar and podcast resources 

NHS Substance Miuse provider alliance (UK) Reducing the spread of blood borne viruses during Covid-19

European Harm reduction network EHRN Covid-19 resource centre

UNODC COVID-19 prevention and control among people who use drugs and Covid-19 preparedness in pirisons

The Lancet Psychiatry Public health messaging and harm reduction in the time of COVID-19

EuroNPD, INPUD, Respect COVID-19: advice for people who use drugs leaflet 2 p. 

Global Drugs Survey Corona conversations with Prof Adam Winstock speaking with key people in the area of substance use

London School of Economicsvideo highlights how COVID-19 is reshaping drug policies and service delivery internationally

Harm Reduction Coalition HRC Covid-19 guidance for people who use drugs and harm reduction programs

Canadian Centre on Substance use and Addiction - Cannabis retail during COVID-19 (Jan 2021)

Canadian Centre on Substance use and Addiction - Maintaining a public health approach to alcohol policy during COVID-19 (Jan 2021)

British Columbia Centre on Substance Use BCCSU Covid resources

Canadian Drug Policy Coalition CDPC Coronavirus harm reduction resource

Canadian Drug Policy Coalition - Overdose prevention and response during COVID-19

Canada - Infographic: Coping with stress, anxiety, and substance use during Covid-19

Canada - Infographic: Managing stress, anxiety and substance use during covid-19: a resource for healthcare providers

Canada - Infographic: COVID-19, Alcohol and cannabis use

Canada – Infographics: COVID-19 and cannabis smoking: 4 things you should know and How to reduce your risk

American Society of Addiction Medicine ASAM Covid-19 resources

US National Institute on Drug Abuse NIDA Potential implications for individuals with substance use disorders

US SAMHSA Virtual recovery resources (3 p.) and Covid-19 resources

US SAMHSA Considerations for the care and treatment of mental and substance use disorders in the COVID-19 7 May 2020

NSW, Australia Guidance for accessing and delivering AOD services during Covid-19

MEAM (Making Every Adult Matter) Coalition (England). Flexible responses during the coronavirus crisis: rapid evidence gathering

Royal College of Psychiatrists Community and inpatient services - COVID-19 guidance for clinicians

UK Social workers BASW Professional practice guidance for home visits during Covid-19 pandemic

Society for the Study of Addiction: Covid-19 links and Text of interview with Oliver Standing of Collective Voice

NHS Remote prescribing guidance for health and justice sites

Scottish Drugs Forum Guidance on contingency planning for people who use drugs and COVID-19

Ad-Fam Top tips for families of those affected by drug and alcohol use

Manchester Met University, ADFAM, Alcohol Change UK Briefing: Alcohol and domestic abuse in the context of Covid-19 restrictions

Public Health England:

 - COVID-19: guidance for Commissoners and providers of services for people who use drugs or alcohol

 - COVID-19: guidance for hostel or day centre providers of services for people experiencing rough sleeping - GOV.UK 

 - COVID-19: residential care, supported living and home care guidance 

 - COVID-19: guidance on social distancing and for vulnerable people 

 - COVID-19: standard operating procedure for community pharmacies 

 - COVID-19: information on stopping drinking for people dependent on alcohol 

(Please note, for Irish alcohol related advice and information about units see the HSE www.askaboutalcohol.ie)

Alcohol Change UK Covid-19 information resources

NHS Clinical guide for the management of people with alcohol dependence during the coronavirus pandemic V1

NHS Covid-19 & alcohol dependency: looking after yourself during lockdown

SHAAP Coronavirus (Covid-19) and people with alcohol-related problems: recommendations for services

SHAAP Advice for heavy drinkers who are thinking about cutting back or stopping drinking alcohol

BMJ editorial Covid-19 and alcohol—a dangerous cocktail 20 May 2020

Movendi International Snap overview: countries addressing alcohol availability to bolster COVID-19 fight


General international research sources:

 - ihealthfacts.ie

BMJ Best Practice has been made openly available by HSE NHLKS to anyone in Ireland, no username or password is required for access. Download the app for offline access. BMJ Best Practice guides


General Irish sources:

 - HSE COVID-19 Information

 - HSE Library COVID-19 Resource and clinical guidelines  

 - IPH Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and Ireland & Northern Ireland


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Please note, we have not read all of these resources or assessed them for quality or accuracy. Inclusion here is not an endorsement of views or recommendations.

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