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EuroNPUD, INPUD, Respect Drug Users Rights. (2020) COVID-19: advice for people who use drugs leaflet. EuroNPUD.

PDF (COVID-19: Advice for people who use drugs leaflet.)

A comprehensive advice sheet for people who use drugs during the coronavirus outbreak has been prepared by EuroNPUD, INPUD and Respect Drug User Rights. ‘We can do it!’ states the COVID-19: Advice for people who use drugs leaflet. ‘People who use drugs have dealt with very serious viruses before.’

The document, work on which was led by EuroNPUD project manager Mat Southwell, includes essential COVID-19-related harm reduction advice, as well as wider health information around the virus. It also contains guidance on successfully managing opioid substitution therapy during the crisis, including what to say to prescribing services.

People who use drugs should also prepare for disruption to the supply chain, it warns, as restrictions on movement make it far more difficult to transport and distribute drugs. ‘If you can afford to, keep a reserve or source some opioid medications in case your supply is cut,’ it advises. People should also be planning how they would manage a rapid detox or full withdrawal should that become necessary, it states.

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