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Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. (2020) State of child health 2020. Northern Ireland. London: RCPCH.

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Our key findings have informed our three priority areas in the 2020 report including; reducing child health inequalities; prioritising public health, prevention and early intervention; and building and strengthening local, cross-sector services to reflect local need. By addressing these key issues, we can reduce the burden of disease during childhood and into adulthood with many benefits to the individual and society. Less pressure on adult services, a happier, healthier and productive workforce, and improvements in health and wellbeing are dividends we can enjoy by ensuring child health is always a priority. 

P.21 Health behaviours

Healthy behaviours are fostered early in life; conversely young people who experiment with smoking, alcohol and drugs are more likely to continue these habits into later life, with detrimental impacts on their physical and mental health. Smoking can impact the health of young people throughout their lives, with earlier initiation linked to increased levels of smoking and dependence, a lower chance of quitting and higher premature mortality. Alcohol and drug use are some of the leading risk factors for overall burden of disease in the UK....

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