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O'Gorman, Aileen and Piggott, Kevin and Napier, Kristina and Driscoll, Alan and Emerson, Darren and Mooney, Robert and Fennelly, Cara and Gately, Pamela and Foley, Mary (2013) An analysis of current licit and illicit drug use patterns in the Finglas-Cabra local drugs task force area. Dublin: Finglas/Cabra Local Drugs Task Force.

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The primary aim of this study was to compile a report on the current patterns of illicit and licit drug use(including alcohol and prescribed drugs) in Finglas-Cabra, which would include: a) a quantitative profile of the current levels of drug use in the LDTF area based on existing official sources and data from service providers; b) qualitative data from a range of key professional and lay informants on the current patterns of use in the LDTF area; and c) an analysis of the current patterns of drug use in the LDTF area using the quantitative and qualitative data gathered.

Section Two of this report examines key indicators of drug use to explore emerging patterns and trends at a national level, and where available at a local level; as well as identifying the nature of the risk environments for drug-related harm in the Finglas and Cabra areas. In Section Three, findings from the research interviews and ethnographic studies show drug trends over time, and current drug trends and prices which are examined on a drug by drug basis. These findings are contextualised in Section Four through an exploration of the drug consumption practices of two drug using groups – young recreational drug users, and older habitual drug users - and of the area differences between the Finglas and Cabra neighbourhoods. In Section Five two key aspects of drug-related harm are explored – polysubstance use and the users’ engagement with the drugs economy. In conclusion, Section Six brings together the main issues arising during this study and presents ideas for consideration and reflection.

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