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Butler, Shane (2011) Addiction counsellors in the Republic of Ireland: exploring the emergence of a new profession. Drugs: Education Prevention and Policy , 18 , (4) , pp. 295-302.

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Book Section

Butler, Shane and Woods, Marguerite (1992) Drugs, HIV and Ireland: responses to women in Dublin. In: AIDS: women, drugs and social care. London: Falmer , pp. 51-69.

Butler, Shane and Ryder, Niamh (2005) Reducing alcohol - related harm in Irish colleges: a qualitative evaluation of the College Alcohol Policy Initiative. In: The health of Irish students: College Lifestyle and Attitudinal National (CLAN) Survey; a qualitative evaluation of the College Alcohol Policy Initiative. Dublin: Health Promotion Unit, Department of Health and Children , pp. 55-83.

Higgins, Agnes and McDaid, Shane, eds. Butler, Shane (2014) 'A state of semi-lunacy'? The marginal status of drinking problems within the Irish mental health system. In: Mental Health in Ireland: Policy, Practice and Law. Dublin: Gill and Macmillan , pp. 150-168.

Conference or Workshop Item

Butler, Shane (2002) How local is local? Assessing the prospects for local alcohol policy in Ireland. In: Debating Public Policies on Drugs and Alcohol, 26 September 2002, Addiction Research Centre, Trinity College Dublin.

Butler, Shane (2009) Needles in haystack: presentation to Irish Needle Exchange Forum. In: Irish Needle Exchange Conference, 5 November 2009, Killarney, County Kerry. (Submitted)

Butler, Shane (1999) A tale of two sectors: a critical analysis of the proposal to establish drug courts in the Republic of Ireland. In: Illicit drugs: patterns of use - pattern of response: 10th annual ESSD Conference on Drug Use and Drug Policy in Europe, 20-22 September 1999, Vienna, Austria. (Unpublished)

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