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[Irish Times] , Reville, William First drinking protects your heart. Then it shortens your life. Who to believe? (17 May 2018)

[Irish Times] , O'Sullivan, Kevin Irish plans to develop new cannabis-based treatments for epilepsy announced. (17 May 2018)

Editorial. [Irish Times] The Irish Times view on drink-driving: Enough stalling. Pass the Bill. (16 May 2018)

[Irish Times] , O'Halloran, Marie Rural TDs call time on drink-driving provision in Bill. (14 May 2018)

[Irish Times] , Lally, Conor Addicts injecting in subhuman conditions, senior Garda says. (09 May 2018)

[Irish Times] , O'Riordan, Ian Ireland’s anabolic steroids boom: a tell-tale sign of recovery. (05 May 2018)

[Irish Times] , Kelly, Fiach European Commission criticises parts of alcohol health warning plan. (03 May 2018)

[Irish Times] , Hilliard, Mark Ireland’s alcohol consumption policies to be held up as exemplar for others. (03 May 2018)

[Irish Times] , O'Morain, Padraig What’s your poison? (29 Apr 2018)

[Irish Times] , Wall, Martin Volume of anabolic steriods seized in Ireland alarms pharmacists. (28 Apr 2018)

[Irish Times] , Bardon, Sarah FF TDs ‘disappointed’ party is not opposing drink-driving legislation. (26 Apr 2018)

[Irish Times] , Bardon, Sarah Smoking ban to be extended to outdoor areas where food served. (24 Apr 2018)

[Irish Times] , Lally, Conor Seizures of mobiles and drugs in prisons rose last year. (22 Apr 2018)

[Irish Times] , Leahy, Pat EU issued warning to Government over alcohol Bill. (17 Apr 2018)

[Irish Times] , Murray, Frank Labelling alcohol products: It’s time to put the facts where they belong – on the bottle. (13 Apr 2018)

[Irish Times] , Pope, Catherine The Irish worker: sleep deprived, cash strapped but surprisingly sober. (09 Apr 2018)

[Irish Times] , Kelleher, Olivia Parents call for ‘life-saving’ medicinal cannabis payment refunds. (08 Apr 2018)

[Irish Times] , McMahon, Aine HSE will reimburse cost of Ava Twomey’s medical cannabis. (07 Apr 2018)

[Irish Times] , Hilliard, Mark Regenerating Dublin’s north inner city. (04 Apr 2018)

[Irish Times] , Roche, Barry Cork coroner calls for schools course on dangers of drugs. (23 Mar 2018)

[Irish Times] , O'Halloran, Marie Alcohol minimum unit pricing could be delayed by Brexit and North’s political crisis. (07 Mar 2018)

[Irish Times] , Sanz, Catherine Alcohol bill will violate treaty, say EU countries. (05 Mar 2018)

[Irish Times] , Moran, Sean GAA congress vote to ban betting companies as sponsors. (24 Feb 2018)

[Irish Times] , Gleeson, Colin Six in 10 people infected with hepatitis C undiagnosed. (24 Feb 2018)

[Irish Times] , McGreevy, Ronan Abuse of sedatives leading to rise in ‘violence, aggression’ among teens. (23 Feb 2018)

[Irish Times] , Siggins, Lorna Icelandic approach to teen substance abuse may be tested in west of Ireland. (21 Feb 2018)

[Irish Times] , Slattery, Laura Alcohol brands are clever enough to adapt to advertising curbs. (20 Feb 2018)

[Irish Times] , O'Halloran, Marie Alcohol abuse costs Irish economy €2.3bn a year, Dáil hears. (15 Feb 2018)

[Irish Times] , Ewald, Kyle Students’ Unions should advocate for decriminalisation of drug use, says Labour senator. (14 Feb 2018)

[Irish Times] , O'Halloran, Marie FG TD claims Irish teenagers ‘second most sober in EU’. (09 Feb 2018)

[Irish Times] Editorial: Alcohol Bill: drinks lobby digs in. (08 Feb 2018)

[Irish Times] , O'Halloran, Marie and Power, Jack Drinks industry comparing cancer risk from alcohol to that of burnt toast. (07 Feb 2018)

[Irish Times] , Gallagher, Conor ‘Broken’ health care system to blame for huge rise in opioid use, say GPs. (05 Feb 2018)

[Irish Times] , Power, Jack and Labanyi, David Just 58 drivers test positive for ‘drug-driving’ in eight months. (05 Feb 2018)

[Irish Times] , O'Halloran, Marie Varadkar opposed to further changes to alcohol Bill. (05 Feb 2018)

[Irish Times] ‘Blame alcohol, not rugby.’ What’s behind the Kiely’s fights? (03 Feb 2018)

[Irish Times] , Cullen, Damien Which city in the world has the cheapest cannabis – and the most expensive? (31 Jan 2018)

[Irish Times] , Cullen, Damian Did ‘Dry January’ make you feel like a wet blanket or was it water off a duck’s back? (28 Jan 2018)

[Irish Times] , Freyne, Patrick My friend said: ‘Heroin will get rid of the pain.’ And it did. (27 Jan 2018)

[Irish Times] , D'Arcy, Ciaran Group calls for decriminalisation of minor drugs possession by 2022. (26 Jan 2018)

[Irish Times] , O'Halloran, Marie Drinks industry lobbied extensively on Alcohol Health Bill. (22 Jan 2018)

[Irish Times] , Edwards, Elaine Low daily alcohol consumption in teen years ‘may increase risk of liver disease’. (22 Jan 2018)

[Irish Times] , Cumiskey, Gavin Schools rugby a potential risk area for doping. (20 Jan 2018)

[Irish Times] , O'Halloran, Marie Taoiseach: Only qualified people should supply addiction services. (17 Jan 2018)

[Irish Times] Editorial. Road safety: TDs must resist the drinks lobby. (10 Jan 2018)

[Irish Times] , Moriarty, Gerry Roads to recovery: How the North handles homelessness. (04 Jan 2018)

[Irish Times] , Bardon, Sarah and Labanyi, David Speeding drivers to face higher penalty points [Drug dealing and rickshaws]. (02 Jan 2018)

[Irish Times] , Gallagher, Conor and Carolan, Mary Hundreds of drink-driving cases struck out due to dismissed appeal. (21 Dec 2017)

[Irish Times] , Murray, Frank Letter: Child protection and alcohol. (18 Dec 2017)

[Irish Times] , Gallagher, Conor How Scientology is trying to insert itself into Irish schools. (16 Dec 2017)

[Irish Times] , O'Halloran, Marie Alcohol Bill returns to Seanad with concessions for small retailers. (15 Dec 2017)

[Irish Times] , Bardon, Sarah Retailers to have three options in how they display alcohol. (15 Dec 2017)

[Irish Times] Figures and facts: How an Irish Times article set off a controversy over drink-driving convictions. (13 Dec 2017)

[Irish Times] , Lally, Conor Dublin’s drug-dealing rickshaw drivers. (09 Dec 2017)

[Irish Times] , Smith, Patrick Big gains in life expectancy in Ireland, major EU study finds. (05 Dec 2017)

[Irish Times] , Siggins, Lorna ‘Safe app’ aims to reduce drownings in Galway city. (04 Dec 2017)

[Irish Times] , Holland, Kitty Legislation to decriminalise drugs could come in ‘early 2019’ . (01 Dec 2017)

[Irish Times] , Moriarty, Gerry PSNI-Garda exchange leads to launch of anti-drugs campaign. (30 Nov 2017)

[Irish Times] , Sharry, John How to stop a child ‘falling in with the wrong crowd’. (19 Nov 2017)

[Irish Times] , O'Halloran, Marie Alcohol Bill enactment could be delayed until next year. (15 Nov 2017)

[Irish Times] , McGee, Harry Ireland has big problem with alcohol, Varadkar tells FG summit. (11 Nov 2017)

[Irish Times] , O'Halloran, Marie Minimum alcohol pricing to be delayed until Stormont operating. (09 Nov 2017)

[Irish Times] , O'Halloran, Marie Women exposed to dangerous weekly alcohol limit for just over €4.95. (09 Nov 2017)

[Irish Times] , Kennedy, Laura Live in Ireland but don’t drink alcohol? You’ll be treated with extreme suspicion. (08 Nov 2017)

[Irish Times] , D'Arcy, Ciaran National Youth Media Awards competition tackles drugs issue. (06 Nov 2017)

[Irish Times] , Sharry, John Responsibility Vs freedom: Teens who drink at home are more likely to binge. (06 Nov 2017)

[Irish Times] , Edwards, Elaine Betting firms ‘should be taken out of sports sponsorship’. (05 Nov 2017)

[Irish Times] , Digby, Marie Claire Boiling point: The issue of chefs’ mental health in Irish kitchens. (04 Nov 2017)

[Irish Times] , Bardon, Sarah Drinks promotions to be restricted under new legislation. (03 Nov 2017)

[Irish Times] , Power, Jack One in five feel ‘guilt or remorse’ after consuming alcohol. (25 Oct 2017)

[Irish Times] , Edwards, Elaine Lobby groups accused of trying to derail alcohol legislation. (24 Oct 2017)

[Irish Times] , Sharry, John Talk early and often to kids about dangers. (23 Oct 2017)

[Irish Times] , Wall, Martin Ten contractor staff working on railways fail drugs/alcohol tests. (23 Oct 2017)

[Irish Times] , Gartland, Fiona Young Irish topped EU binge-drinking table. (18 Oct 2017)

[Irish Times] , Wayman, Sheila Can a detention centre turn around the lives of young offenders? (10 Oct 2017)

[Irish Times] , Fagan, Maresa 11,000 drug seizures in Irish prisons in seven years. (09 Oct 2017)

[Irish Times] , Hilliard, Mark Catholic bishops criticise ‘glamourising’ of alcohol. (05 Oct 2017)

[Irish Times] Editorial. Lobbying Act: lifting the lid on a hidden sphere. (04 Oct 2017)

[Irish Times] , McGee, Harry Former FG advisers are lobbying on alcohol Bill. (01 Oct 2017)

Editorial. [Irish Times] Drink-driving: tougher rules are welcome. (27 Sep 2017)

[Irish Times] , Gallagher, Conor Decriminalising drugs: could it work in Ireland? (23 Sep 2017)

[Irish Times] , Roche, Barry ‘De-normalisation’ of alcohol purchases targeted by health body. (19 Sep 2017)

[Irish Times] Editorial: Prisons: a lot done, more to do. (18 Sep 2017)

[Irish Times] , Freyne, Patrick ‘We marched on four dealers that night’: Dublin’s anti-drug wars. (16 Sep 2017)

[Irish Times] , Roche, Barry Alcohol a factor ‘in 85% of suicides’ of men aged over 40 in Cork. (11 Sep 2017)

[Irish Times] , Gallagher, Conor Over 500 seizures of injectable tanning drug since 2015. (11 Sep 2017)

[Irish Times] , Power, Jack Drug driving test device does not meet temperature requirement. (03 Sep 2017)

[Irish Times] , Gartland, Fiona Law on minimum alcohol pricing may pass in next session. (29 Aug 2017)

[Irish Times] , Bruton, Louise High alert: how to stay safe at festivals. (25 Aug 2017)

[Irish Times] , Ball, Jamie Are you acting out the ‘tragic comedy’ of Irish drinking? (22 Aug 2017)

[Irish Times] , O'Morain, Padraig Diseases of despair – a striking phrase but what’s behind it? (22 Aug 2017)

[Irish Times] , Cullen, Paul High levels of hepatitis C uncovered among prisoners and homeless. (22 Aug 2017)

[Irish Times] , Short, Eva Leaving Cert: charity criticises lack of regulation for drink deals. (16 Aug 2017)

[Irish Times] , Watterson, Johnny Drug testing of schools rugby players on IRFU agenda, says Sport Ireland. (08 Aug 2017)

[Irish Times] , Gallagher, Conor Fears that potent drug fentanyl may take hold in Ireland. (08 Aug 2017)

[Irish Times] , Breslin, John Narcan: The Irish weapon in America’s drugs war. (08 Aug 2017)

[Irish Times] , Power, Jack Just 11 drivers have tested positive for drugs at new checkpoints. (03 Aug 2017)

[Irish Times] , Burns, Sarah Most Irish adults unaware of alcohol guidelines, survey finds. (03 Aug 2017)

[Irish Times] , Purcell, Jennifer Opinion. Of course millennials take drugs but we’re not stupid. (24 Jul 2017)

[Irish Times] , O'Halloran, Marie Controversial alcohol legislation ‘not gathering dust on any shelf’. (21 Jul 2017)

Editorial. [Irish Times] Drugs and alcohol: putting health centre-stage. (20 Jul 2017)

[Irish Times] , Bardon, Sarah Possession of small quantities of drugs could be decriminalised. (17 Jul 2017)

[Irish Times] , Grant, Barry Tackling gambling-related harm. (17 Jul 2017)

[Irish Times] Alcohol Bill and media companies. (12 Jul 2017)

Editorial. [Irish Times] Alcohol lobby fights back. (11 Jul 2017)

[Irish Times] , Murdock, Moyagh Drink-driving and the scientific evidence. (10 Jul 2017)

[Irish Times] , Gallagher, Conor Judge calls for law on parents of young offenders to be abolished. (10 Jul 2017)

[Irish Times] , Gallagher, Conor Crack cocaine in Ireland: The rise of an ugly drug. (08 Jul 2017)

[Irish Times] , Gallagher, Conor Cocaine use rise as economy returns is one of challenges for State lab. (03 Jul 2017)

[Irish Times] , Paul, Mark Thank you for drinking: Patricia Callan’s new role lobbying for alcohol industry. (01 Jul 2017)

[Irish Times] , Power, Jack Intoxicated driving arrests on rise since breath test scandal. (30 Jun 2017)

[Irish Times] , Smyth, Bobby P Letter: Alcohol and a society in denial. (26 Jun 2017)

[Irish Times] , Holland, Kitty Social workers ‘retrained’ to manage risk instead of remove it. (26 Jun 2017)

[Irish Times] , O'Brien, Tim Government to call for an EU-wide ban on alcohol advertising. (08 Jun 2017)

[Irish Times] , McMahon, Aine MDMA use among young Irish adults rising – drugs report. (07 Jun 2017)

[Irish Times] , O'Halloran, Marie Bill to segregate alcohol in shops could be Varadkar’s first target. (05 Jun 2017)

[Irish Times] , Clegg, Nick Legalise cannabis, and do it now, says Nick Clegg. (02 Jun 2017)

[Irish Times] , Moran, Sean GAA right to protect players during ongoing doping cases. (31 May 2017)

[Irish Times] , Scally, Derek Child smartphone addiction growing, says German drug agency. (30 May 2017)

[Irish Times] , D'Arcy, Ciaran Roadside drug tests may tackle prescription painkiller ‘epidemic’. (27 May 2017)

[Irish Times] Drink-driving law set to change as Sinn Féin supports Ross Bill. (23 May 2017)

[Irish Times] , Gallagher, Conor Forensic scientists detect 27 new recreational drugs. (17 May 2017)

[Irish Times] , Gallagher, Conor Some young people in Ballymun spend 150% of income on cannabis. (16 May 2017)

[Irish Times] , Clarke, Vivienne More people dying from opioid overdoses than crashes. (12 May 2017)

[Irish Times] , Roseingrave, Louise Mother calls for injection centres for addicts after son (20) drowns in Liffey. (12 May 2017)

[Irish Times] , Holland, Kitty We must empower communities blighted by drugs, not blame them. (08 May 2017)

[Irish Times] , Holland, Kitty Irish Pharmacy Union calls for decriminalisation of drugs for personal use. (07 May 2017)

[Irish Times] , Gartland, Fiona More than half of suicides linked to alcohol, all-Ireland forum told. (04 May 2017)

[Irish Times] , Lally, Conor Half of all drink-driving cases struck out as Garda summonses not served. (27 Apr 2017)

[Irish Times] , Cullen, Paul Homeless drug users are being left to die, doctors warn. (20 Apr 2017)

[Irish Times] , Holland, Kitty Decriminalisation of all drugs for personal use considered. (18 Apr 2017)

[Irish Times] , O'Morain, Padraig Meeting psychological needs – but going nowhere. (18 Apr 2017)

[Irish Times] , Gartland, Fiona Only a fifth of drink-drivers’ licences recorded in two years. (17 Apr 2017)

[Irish Times] , Holland, Kitty Forum seeks to give voice to most-vulnerable drug users. (13 Apr 2017)

[Irish Times] , O'Halloran, Marie Accessibility to medication a key issue in addiction among medics. (12 Apr 2017)

Editorial. [Irish Times] Crime prevention: a case of vision and value. (08 Apr 2017)

[Irish Times] , Cullen, Paul Legalising cannabis could boost Irish tax revenues by millions. (07 Apr 2017)

[Irish Times] , D'Arcy, Ciaran Surge in teenage alcohol-related admissions at children’s hospital. (27 Mar 2017)

[Irish Times] , Cullen, Paul Neurologists to draw up guidelines for safe use of medicinal cannabis. (15 Mar 2017)

[Irish Times] , Clancy, Noel Why politicians should back new drink-driving law. (13 Mar 2017)

[Irish Times] , Byrne, Derek Personal drug allowance would help injecting centre succeed. (27 Feb 2017)

[Irish Times] , Lally, Conor Garda accused of ‘inflating or carelessness’ in alcohol breath test data. (24 Feb 2017)

[Irish Times] , O'Regan, Michael No location chosen for drug user injection centre, Dáil told. (24 Feb 2017)

[Irish Times] , Hilliard, Mark Call for senior gardaí to be at checkpoints for alcohol. (20 Feb 2017)

Press Association. [Irish Times] E-cigarettes ‘far safer’ than smoking, say health experts. (07 Feb 2017)

[Irish Times] Editorial. Research reveals high rates of alcohol consumption among pregnant Irish women. (26 Jan 2017)

[Irish Times] , Cullen, Paul Self-harm with alcohol abuse rises on public holidays. (10 Jan 2017)

[Irish Times] , Gallagher, Conor Drug Treatment Court: Life-saving option for drugs offenders. (06 Jan 2017)

[Irish Times] , McGuire, Peter ‘Chemsex’ drug raises concern about health and consent. (05 Jan 2017)

[Irish Times] , O'Morain, Padraig Given up drink for January? Here are some tips for keeping it up. (01 Jan 2017)

[Irish Times] Alcoholism alone insufficient for access to treatment, says HSE West. (15 Dec 2016)

[Irish Times] , Hoban, Brian DCU’s 'indifference' to student addiction. (14 Dec 2016)

[Irish Times] ‘Don’t let the hidden harm of alcohol abuse define you’. (13 Dec 2016)

Editorial. [Irish Times] The time is right to offer patients and doctors the choice of using medicinal cannabis in line with scientific evidence. (07 Dec 2016)

[Irish Times] , D'Arcy, Ciaran Irish Times partners with Drugs.ie for youth media awards. (06 Dec 2016)

[Irish Times] , Lally, Conor Convictions for large-scale drug dealing drop almost 50%. (28 Nov 2016)

[Irish Times] , Lally, Conor Only 3% of convicted drug dealers given mandatory 10 years. (28 Nov 2016)

[Irish Times] Editorial: important alcohol legislation risks running into the ground. (25 Nov 2016)

[Irish Times] Students Unions renew drug harm reduction effort. (16 Nov 2016)

[Irish Times] , Murtagh, Peter Why are so many people dying on Ireland’s roads? (04 Nov 2016)

[Irish Times] , Bruton, Louise Rural Addiction: drugs are rife, hope is thin on the ground. (26 Oct 2016)

[Irish Times] , O'Halloran, Marie Sharp exchanges in Seanad on Public Health (Alcohol) Bill. (26 Oct 2016)

[Irish Times] , Gleeson, Colin Highest rate of HIV diagnoses in Republic recorded in 2015. (20 Oct 2016)

[Irish Times] , O'Connor, Brian Government would be right to tackle Ireland’s gambling culture. (17 Oct 2016)

[Irish Times] Teenager trends: the European picture on cigarettes, drugs and alcohol consumption. (29 Sep 2016)

[Irish Times] , O'Halloran, Marie ‘Drug-driving’ test to focus on cocaine, cannabis, heroin. (28 Sep 2016)

[Irish Times] , Holland, Kitty Drug treatment centre reports huge rise in use of services. (16 Sep 2016)

[Irish Times] The Government battles Ireland’s drugs problem but is it too late? (01 Sep 2016)

[Irish Times] , Holland, Kitty Ireland facing a ‘tsunami’ of sex and porn addiction. (30 Aug 2016)

[Irish Times] , Houston, Muiris A doctor writes: medical benefits of cannabis beyond doubt. (01 Aug 2016)

[Irish Times] , O'Regan, Michael Criminalising drugs stigmatises addiction, says Lynn Ruane. (30 Jun 2016)

[Irish Times] , McGuire, Peter Chemsex: how Ireland can get ahead of the curve. (28 Jun 2016)

[Irish Times] , O'Brien, Carl Campaigners will not support ban on alcohol sponsorship. (23 Sep 2015)

[Irish Times] Peter McVerry: Ireland needs to declare a national emergency on homelessness. (18 Sep 2015)

[Irish Times] , Hilliard, Mark War on drugs long lost, says McVerry. (10 Aug 2015)

[Irish Times] , Shannon, June How can homeless people die with dignity? (14 Jul 2015)

[Irish Times] , Cumiskey, Gavin Steroid abuse prevalent in Irish society – Irish Sports Council. (26 Jun 2015)

[Irish Times] The price of alcohol [letters]. (25 Jun 2015)

[Irish Times] [Editorial] The latest Irish campaign to promote more moderate drinking. (20 Feb 2015)

[Irish Times] , O'Halloran, Marie O’Sullivan accuses authorities of undermining drug-free accommodation. (16 Jan 2015)

[Irish Times] , Flaherty, Rachel Better-off women more likely to drink alcohol in pregnancy. (15 Jan 2015)

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