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Social Care Workers

Some key documents

(2016) Report on the role of advocacy in health and social care services in Ireland. Houses of the Oireachtas. full text


(2014) Guidance for health and social care providers. Principles of good practice in medication reconciliation. HIQA. full text   
This guidance is to aid providers to have arrangements in place to ensure the safe and effective use of medicines.

(2012) Effective supervision in social work and social care. SCIE.  full text  
Good supervision is correlated with perceived worker effectiveness and reduced staff turn-over.

(2014) Open your eyes. HSE elder abuse services 2013. Health Service Executive, Dublin.  full text
A summary of health issues is presented (alcohol and mental health issues predominate).

(2013) Someone to care: the mental health needs of children and young people in the care and youth justice system. Children's Mental Health Coalition full text
This report hears from eight young adults who have been through the care system.

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