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Social issues

Some key documents

(2019) A profile of psychiatric in-patient admissions with no fixed abode (NFA) 2007-2016. Full text / summary


(2018) The world drug perception problem: countering prejudices about people who use drugs Full text / summary 


(2017) Health and social responses to drug problems: a European guide. Full text


(2017) Stimulating and supporting a black and minority ethnic voice on drugs issues Full text / summary


(2019) Drug and Alcohol Trends Monitoring System (DATMS) 2018. Year 3. Full text 


(2017) Overview of alcohol consumption, alcohol-related harm and alcohol policy in Ireland Full text 


(2016) Citywide - Attitude to drugs and drug users. Full text  Summary Results of Poll in October 2016 into attitudes to drug use and to people who use drugs.


(2017) HIV in Ireland 2017. Findings from the National HIV knowledge and attitudes survey 2017 and People living with HIV stigma survey 2017. Full text / summary

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