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Some key documents

(2018) Drug misuse prevention. Full text


(2018) City-based action to reduce harmful alcohol use: review of reviews. Full text


(2017) The effectiveness of interventions related to the use of illicit drugs: prevention, harm reduction, treatment and recovery. A ‘review of reviews’. Full text


(2016) ‘What works’ in drug education and prevention? Scottish Government Full text / Summary


(2017) School-based alcohol and drug education and prevention – what works? Mentor ADEPSIS Full text


(2017) Interventions for adolescent substance abuse: an overview of systematic reviews. Journal of Adolescent Health, 59(4s) 61 Full text


(2017) Drug misuse prevention: targeted interventions. Full textSummary

This guideline covers targeted interventions to prevent misuse of drugs, including illegal drugs, ‘legal highs’ and prescription-only medicines. 


(2015) European Drug Prevention Quality Standards (EDPQS) toolkits to support quality in prevention. Full text



EMCDDA Xchange prevention registry - an online registry of evidence-based prevention programmes


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