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Some key documents

(2017) The effectiveness of interventions related to the use of illicit drugs: prevention, harm reduction, treatment and recovery. A ‘review of reviews’. Full text


(2016) ‘What works’ in drug education and prevention? Scottish Government Full text / Summary


(2017) School-based alcohol and drug education and prevention – what works? Mentor ADEPSIS Full text


(2017) Interventions for adolescent substance abuse: an overview of systematic reviews. Journal of Adolescent Health, 59(4 supp) 61–75 Full text

Findings from 46 systematic reviews focusing on interventions for smoking, alcohol use, drug use, and combined substance abuse.


(2017) Drug misuse prevention: targeted interventions. Full textSummary

This guideline covers targeted interventions to prevent misuse of drugs, including illegal drugs, ‘legal highs’ and prescription-only medicines..


(2013) European drug prevention quality standards: a quick guide. Full text 

This ‘quick guide’ gives practical information on prevention quality standards available outside the European Union. It includes a description of the eight stages involved in the drug prevention cycle and has been designed for practitioners and those working in the field.


(2013) Guidance for the implementation of an area based approach to prevention, partnership and family support. Full text 

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