Law enforcement

Law enforcement

Some key documents

(2021) Debts, threats, distress and hope: towards understanding drug-related intimidation in Dublin’s North East Inner City


(2020) Research papers on spent convictions


(2020) Lifting the lid on Redtown: a replication case study, which investigates the contribution of engagement in a local criminal network to young people’s more serious and persistent offending patterns


(2019) Evaluation of the Bail Supervision Scheme for Children (pilot scheme)


(2019) The drug economy and youth interventions: an exploratory research project on working with young people involved in the illegal drugs trade


(2018) Not criminals. Underpinning a health-led approach to drug use and summary.


(2018) Council conclusions on promoting the use of alternatives to coercive sanctions for drug using offenders


(2017) Community Service in Ireland: a qualitative exploration of one alternative to short-term imprisonment and summary


(2016) What works in managing young people who offend? A summary of the international evidence


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