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Cox, Gemma and Lawless, Marie (2003) Managing urban tensions: an integrated approach to drug-related anti-social behaviour in Dublin. In: Pieces of the jigsaw: six reports addressing homelessness and drug use in Ireland. Dublin: Merchants Quay Ireland , 191 - 231.

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Strategies are adopted by housing officers and community members to deal with drug-related anti-social behaviour in local authority estates; it is essential that these strategies, while safeguarding the community, do not further exclude those who are already marginalized.
Responses to drug-related anti-social behaviour at a local level were examined, including the rise in public anxiety, activities of community action groups and the emergence of self-policing in certain areas.

This study also examined the relationship between drug use and crime, the broad range of anti-social behaviours, the profile of the perpetrators, the extent of the problem, the role of local authorities and the effects of housing legislation. Elements of best practice in estate and area improvement initiatives were identified and discussed. These included changes in design and layout of spaces and in estate management practices, improved security measures, and involvement of local partnerships in providing support for individuals at risk. The paper describes some strategies for reducing the severity of the consequences of anti-social behaviour and advocates an integrated approach to the problem, taking account of potential risks and harms at individual, community and societal level. It concludes that drug-related anti-social behaviour would be best managed by multi-agency partnerships between housing service providers and drug services.

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Keywords:antisocial behavior, social inclusion, community action, community involvement, community policing, vigilantee, social cohesiveness, social community, social condition, social context, police-community relations, social influence prevention model, poverty, poverty, Ireland
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