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Health and social care, Population Health Directorate. (2022) National Mission on Drugs annual report 2021-2022. Edinburgh: Scottish Government.

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This report sets out the progress made between January 2021 and 31 March 2022 by national government, local government and third sector partners towards reducing drug deaths and improving the lives of those impacted by drugs in Scotland.

On 20th January 2021, the First Minister made a statement to parliament which set out a National Mission to reduce drug deaths through improvements to treatment, recovery and other support services. This annual report sets out the progress made from then to March 2022 by national government, local government, and partners in Health and Social Care and the third sector against the National Mission Plan. A separate report will be published which focuses on the progress and work of Alcohol and Drug Partnerships (ADPs). The National Mission annual report is organised into chapters that relate to the six outcomes in the National Mission Plan; six cross cutting priorities; finance; reporting and monitoring.

Outcomes and cross cutting priorities chapters have the following format:
• An overview provides context, including data, to understand the scope and purpose of the outcome.
• Progress in 2021-22 sets out our activities related to the outcome throughout the reporting period - the projects being delivered across sectors, locally and nationally have been highlighted, including dedicated funding and case studies. High level plans for the period 2022-23 are also set out.
• Measuring Progress presents some of the latest data and potential indicators in relation to each Outcome. Where limited data currently exists to directly measure progress we present some of the relevant context and, where possible, potential indicators.
The finance chapter provides summary statements, by theme and area for the reporting period, and Government’s commitment against forecasts. Reporting and monitoring describes governance and reporting arrangements - how groups and boards work together, and how we are ensuring accountability of the National Mission.

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