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Police Service of Northern Ireland. (2021) Chief Constable’s accountability report to the Northern Ireland Policing Board. Belfast: Police Service of Northern Ireland.

PDF (Chief Constable’s accountability report to the Northern Ireland Policing Board - December 2021)

Tackling serious and organised crime
The Chief Constable also provided an update on major progress in tackling serious and organised crime over the last quarter. During this period, the activities of nearly 80 criminal gangs were significantly disrupted by Police, with one gang totally dismantled. The Paramilitary Crime Task Force (PCTF) conducted 41 searches which included 14 drug seizures. In addition, through the PCTF 15 arrests were made and 20 people were charged.

As a result of Operation DEALBREAKER, there were 55 arrests for drug-related offences and 317 drug seizures, amounting to a collective street value of £1,348,418.95 by November. This week, Police seized a further £1m worth of suspected cannabis in Larne and uncovered a cannabis factory in Co. Armagh.

Mr Byrne said:  “Working closely with local communities and partners, we have made real and significant progress in the last few months in tackling serious and organised crime which is a blight that impacts all communities across Northern Ireland. I would appeal to anyone who has information that can assist with our work to contact Police on 101 or report online.”

Male violence and intimidation against women and girls and drink spiking
The Chief Constable outlined details of the Police Service’s response to increased incidents of spiking, including increased visibility in hotspot areas, a range of new initiatives with night time economy partners and the distribution of new guidance to Neighbourhood Policing Teams.

The Chief Constable said: “We have taken a number of immediate steps to urgently address the reported rise of spiking incidents. New guidance has been issued to first responders to ensure officers are responding quickly and effectively, and we are working closely with the hospitality industry to identify opportunities to collaborate on a range of awareness, prevention and early intervention initiatives.”

Simon Byrne also provided a further update on the Service’s progress in developing a Male Violence and Intimidation against Women and Girls Strategy.

Simon Byrne said: “Over the last few months, we have been engaging extensively with a wide range of women and girls advocacy groups and service providers to hear their views on the role policing needs to play in ending male violence against women and girls. Our Strategy, which we will publish early next year, will focus on prevention, early intervention and enhanced support for victims.”

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