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Meyers, Robert J and Miller, William R, eds. (2001) A community reinforcement approach to addiction. International Research Monographs in the Addiction Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

PDF (Community reinforcement approach: Guideline developed for the Behavioral Health Recovery Management project, 2001) - Supplemental Material

The community reinforcement approach (CRA) to treating alcohol and other drug problems is designed to make changes in the client's daily environment, to reduce substance abuse, and to promote a healthier lifestyle. This is the first book to present research on the effectiveness of the CRA for a clinical readership. It includes the original study comparing CRA with traditional treatments of alcohol dependence, and summarizes other trials with alcohol, cocaine, and heroin users. The CRA program provides basic guidelines for clinicians, focusing on communication skills, problem solving and drink refusal strategies, and addresses the needs of the client as part of a social community. Combining practical advice on such matters with a scientific survey of CRA in use, this book offers a new treatment approach to all involved with the support and treatment of those with alcohol and drug problems.

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