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GDS core Research Team. (2021) Global drug survey annual report. Executive summary. London: Global Drug Survey.

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Data collection period


GDS2020 ran between Nov 7th– Dec 30th, 2019 (before the COVID pandemic)


Sample characteristics Global Drug Survey 2020 (GDS2020)

Data from over 110,000 people from > 25 countries were used in the preparation of this report.

66% were male, 52% were aged under 25 years with 22% of the sample aged 35 years or older. 87% of the sample was white. 38% had at least an undergraduate degree as their highest level of educational attainment. 54% reported going clubbing 4 or more times per year.


Drug use: global sample


Of the 20 drugs used most commonly in the last 12 months:

→ 8 were psychedelic/dissociative drugs

→ 6 were stimulant drugs

→ 3 were prescription CNS depressants (opioids / benzodiazepines)

→ 2 were tobacco/nicotine-based products

→ 1 was alcohol

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