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Perry, Brea L and Yang, Kai Cheng and Kaminski, Patrick and Odabas, Meltem and Park, Jaehyuk and Martel, Michelle and Oser, Carrie B and Freeman, Patricia R and Ahn, Yong-Yeol and Talbert, Jeffery [PLOS One] . (2019) Co-prescription network reveals social dynamics of opioid doctor shopping. PLoS ONE, 14 (10) https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0223849

URL: https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.13...

This paper examines network prominence in a co-prescription network as an indicator of opioid doctor shopping (i.e., fraudulent solicitation of opioids from multiple prescribers). Using longitudinal data from a large commercially insured population, we construct a network where a tie between patients is weighted by the number of shared opioid prescribers. Given prior research suggesting that doctor shopping may be a social process, we hypothesize that active doctor shoppers will occupy central structural positions in this network. We show that network prominence, operationalized using PageRank, is associated with more opioid prescriptions, higher predicted risk for dangerous morphine dosage, opioid overdose, and opioid use disorder, controlling for number of prescribers and other variables. Moreover, as a patient's prominence increases over time, so does their risk for these outcomes, compared to their own average level of risk. Results highlight the importance of co-prescription networks in characterizing high-risk social dynamics.

Item Type:Evidence resource
Drug Type:Opioid
Intervention Type:AOD disorder, AOD disorder treatment method, AOD disorder harm reduction
Source:PLOS One
Date:October 2019
Page Range:e0223849
Subjects:B Substances > Opioids (opiates)
E Concepts in biomedical areas > Substance by legal status > Prescription drug (medicine / medication)
J Health care, prevention and rehabilitation > Substance use prevention > Substance use harm reduction
L Social psychology and related concepts > Interpersonal interaction and group dynamics
T Demographic characteristics > Doctor
VA Geographic area > United States

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