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Hunter, Niall (2018) New solutions on tackling codeine misuse. Forum , 35 , (5) , p. 42.

The misuse of codeine is of increasing concern in a number of countries worldwide, particularly as it applies to the OTC supply of codeine products. Researchers from Ireland, South Africa and the UK recently sought to obtain and analyse the opinions and experience of pharmacy staff on codeine misuse in their respective countries. The largest number of participants (464) came from Ireland.........


[Referred to journal article: A comparative analysis of pharmacists' perspectives on codeine use and misuse - a three country survey. Substance Abuse Treatment Prevention and Policy, 13,(1) p.12]

Item Type:Article
Date:June 2018
Page Range:p. 42
Publisher:Irish College of General Practitioners
Subjects:B Substances > Opioids (opiates) > Opioid product > Codeine
E Concepts in biomedical areas > Substance by legal status > Over the counter drug (medicine / medication)
T Demographic characteristics > Doctor
T Demographic characteristics > Pharmacist
VA Geographic area > Europe > Ireland

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