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Ireland. Department of Children and Youth Affairs. (2015) National youth strategy 2015-2020. Dublin: Government Publications.

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The aim of the National Youth Strategy is to enable all young people to realise their maximum potential, by respecting their rights and hearing their voices, while protecting and supporting them as they transition from childhood to adulthood.

The following principles are central to the National Youth Strategy and its implementation:

Young people and those who support them:
1. Young people are valued in their own right, and recognised as integral to society.
2. Young people are acknowledged as key drivers in achieving their cognitive, emotional, social, economic and cultural development.
3. Parents, families, other significant adults and communities are recognised as playing a critical role in the development and progression of young people.

Professionals and volunteers working with young people:
4. Professionals and volunteers who work with young people are respected, valued and appropriately supported in their work.
5. Those providing services for young people act in the best interests of young people, and respect and uphold young people’s rights.

Policies and practices:
6. An equality perspective is integrated into all policy and practice.

Service development and delivery:
7 Government and other stakeholders work collaboratively, with vertical and horizontal communication and cooperation, to achieve more effective services and supports for young people.
8. Services for young people are open, accessible, resourced and provide additional support in response to particular needs.
9. Services for young people are quality assured, outcomes focused and informed by evidence.

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