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Leahy, Dorothy and Schaffalitzky, Elisabeth and Armstrong, Claire and Bury, Gerard and Cussen-Murphy, Paula and Davis, Rachel and Dooley, Barbara and Gavin, Blanaid and Keane, Rory and Keenan, Eamon and Latham, Linda and Meagher, David and McGorry, Pat and McNicholas, Fiona and O'Connor, Ray and O'Dea, Ellen and O'Keane, Veronica and O'Toole, Thomas P and et, al. (2013) Early intervention for youth mental health and substance use disorders: the role of the GP. In: Inaugural University Hospital Limerick (UHL) Research Symposium.

External website: http://ulir.ul.ie/handle/10344/4538

In Ireland, psychological morbidity has been reported in 21-27% of young adults, while the rate of youth suicide is the fourth highest of 26 European Union countries. The challenge of youth mental health for primary care is especially evident in socio-economically disadvantaged areas where risk factors for mental health problems are especially common. Mental health care in primary care has been defined as “the provision of basic preventive and curative mental health care at the first point of contact of entry into the health care system” (WHO, 2001). However despite frequent interaction with general practice, young people may be reluctant to contact general practitioners (GPs), or even recognise them as a source of help when distressed. Health professionals also face many challenges when trying to identify the mental and substance use disorders, including fear of ‘over-medicalising’ young lives and misinterpreting depression as a normal response to the wider psychosocial context of a young person’s life.

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Inaugural University Hospital Limerick (UHL) Research Symposium
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