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, Fleming, David Ireland must act to combat its growing heroin problem. (03 Dec 2013)

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In the early 1980s, a man named Tony "King Scum" Felloni began importing large quantities of heroin into the Republic of Ireland. The drug quickly began to work its way into daily life in Dublin's working-class areas, and thanks to its relatively addictive nature it has remained wildly popular. Take a walk down certain streets in Dublin and you'll get a pretty good indicator of its prevalence in the capital.

Unfortunately, the government's plans for treating heroin addiction nowadays appear to be much the same as they were in the 80s: almost nonexistent. The government at the time paid very little attention to the problem, and – despite the implementation of new, progressive harm reduction laws in other European countries – Ireland's attitudes are still very much lingering in the decade of fax machines and Billy Idol.


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