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Stevens, Alex and O'Brien, Kate and Coulton, Simon . (2013) RisKit programme- operation manual. Kent: University of Kent. 65.

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The RisKit programme is a multi-component risk reduction programme for young people who are vulnerable to risks including drug and alcohol use, early and unprotected sex and offending. It has been developed in the project’s initiation phase from consultation with young people, a review of the research literature and interviews with local stakeholders. It has learnt much form the experience of KCA in delivering the enhanced intervention for young people on drugs and alcohol.

Item Type:Evidence resource
Publication Type:Manual
Drug Type:Alcohol or other drugs in general
Intervention Type:AOD prevention
Publisher:University of Kent
Place of Publication:Kent
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Subjects:MM-MO Crime and law > Criminality > Youth (juvenile) offending
T Demographic characteristics > Adolescent / youth (teenager / young person)
J Health care, prevention and rehabilitation > Prevention approach
J Health care, prevention and rehabilitation > Basic prevention categories > Targeted prevention
T Demographic characteristics > Underage drinker
MM-MO Crime and law > Crime prevention
B Substances > Alcohol
J Health care, prevention and rehabilitation > Prevention programme or service
A Substance use, abuse, and dependence > Substance related societal (social) problems > Underage drinking
J Health care, prevention and rehabilitation > Prevention by sponsor or setting > School based prevention
VA Geographic area > Europe > United Kingdom
F Concepts in psychology > Specific attitude and behaviour > risk-taking behaviour

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