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Garvey, AA and Hawkes, CP and Kelly, M (2013) Parental patterns of use of over the counter analgesics In children. Irish Medical Journal , 106 , (5) .

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Over-The-Counter Analgesics (OTCA) account for over a fifth of Irish pharmacy sales. Little is known about patterns of use, specifically in children. This study investigated parents’ use of OTCAs in children. A questionnaire exploring use of OTCAs and knowledge of side-effects was distributed to guardians of children attending three GP surgeries in South of Ireland from June-September 2010.

The questionnaire was completed by 183 parents (response rate 95%). Many respondents (n=121, 66.1%) were using analgesics when not required or using an inappropriate analgesic for a child’s symptom. Private patients demonstrated better use (n=31, 40%) than those with Medical Cards (n=18, 22.5%) (p=0.016). Identification of potential side-effects was poor, with drowsiness (n=88, 49%), rash (n=39, 22%) and nausea (n=32, 18%) listed as potential side-effects. Inappropriate use of OTCAs is prevalent in Irish children. Parents need more information and guidance on their use.

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